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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2756 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2756 Start

Hearing what Melba said, Pollard never recovered.

He blurted out subconsciously and asked: “Don’t like girls?! You don’t like girls, can you still like boys?!”

Melba didn’t expect that her father would look shocked when he heard this answer, and couldn’t help asking: “Dad…then what do you think I should like boys or girls?”

Pollard immediately beamed, and said happily, “From the perspective of being a dad, of course, I still like men for you, a child in the future is better!”

After finishing speaking, he hurriedly looked at Charlie and blurted out: “Charlie, forget the girl named Zhiyu, please see if there are suitable young talents around you, if there is one, introduce them to Melba!”

Charlie smiled slightly, nodded, and said: “Okay, I will pay more attention when the time comes.” Melba said with an awkward expression: “Dad, I have no plans in this regard, for the time being, Mr. Wade risked rescuing me from such a danger, I always have to focus on work first, and wait two years for love affairs.”

Pollard said with a smile: “Oh, as long as you say that you like boys, Then my heart feels more comfortable, wait for two years and wait for two more years, Dad is not in a hurry!”

After that, he poured a glass of wine in a hurry, and said to Charlie: “Come Charlie, have a drink with Uncle. Today is really double happiness, double happiness is here!”

Charlie naturally knew why Pollard was so happy, smiled and picked up his glass, and said: “Since Uncle is happy, then I will drink a few more glasses.”

He was drunk after pushing the cup for the next fill and so.

By the time meal was almost finished, he was already confused.

Seeing that the food was almost eaten and the wine was almost drunk, Charlie said to Melba, “Melba, it’s been nice to be here today, I will ask Orvel to send you and Uncle home, and you will have a good rest when you go back.”

Melba nodded lightly, and asked: “Mr. Wade, do you have time tonight? I want to invite you to dinner alone to express my gratitude.”

Charlie waved his hand: “Forget it today, you should take a good rest for two days. In two days, let’s make an appointment again. By the way, we will also have a good talk about the preparations for the development of the ocean shipping business.”

Melba said, “That’s it, I’ll wait for your message.”

Pollard said drunkenly at this time, “Charlie.. …You…you are really a noble person…in the future, you, or the ocean shipping company, have any use of your uncle…just speak!

Charlie nodded and smiled: “OK Uncle, don’t worry, I will have to trouble you in the future.”

Pollard immediately retorted, “What is the trouble? How can this be the trouble? But Melba will have to trouble you a lot in the future. Take care, this child is smart or clever and has a lot of knowledge, but because she lacks social experience and reality, I am afraid that she has a high eye and a low hand, so you should not take care of her too much in the future. If she does well, you can say and do more.”

Charlie laughed: “Uncle, I believe Melba certainly deliver.”

Pollard laments:” Thatis better and better …… “

Then, after looking at Charlie, didn’t know which of the tendons didn’t match up. He suddenly sighed, “Hey! You just got married too early, otherwise, if you could be my son-in-law, I won’t have to worry about her… “

Melba blushed immediately: “Dad, what are you talking about…”

Pollard chuckled twice, and said: “I drink too much, but I could sigh with emotion!”

Charlie said with a smile: “Since you are drunk too much, then I will send you back to rest first.”

After that, he called Orvel, let Orvel drive, and sent Pollard and Melba home.

After Orvel drove away, Charlie felt a little worried. He didn’t know if he should go home first or go to Shangri-La to take a rest.

So, he called Issac and asked him: “Old man, did Ruoli ‘s mother leave?” Issac hurriedly said, “Master, I just received a report from subordinates that Roma has already taken a helicopter to the airport. It is estimated that she can reach Aurous Hill in about four hours.”

Charlie calculated the time and said that it was fast even if it was more than three hours. There is no need to toss home again. After all, his wife must not be at home at this time.

So he directly drove back to Shangri-La, planning to take a rest and wait for Roma’s arrival.