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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2754 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2754 Start

Pollard is indeed very happy today.

The only daughter not only escaped the danger, but also returned to him safely.

What’s more important is that after this time, she must be more aware of the dangers in the world, and will no longer blindly pursue some unrealistic ideals as before.

And the daughter has also promised Charlie that she will stay to help him, which means that he can live with his daughter in the safe and comfortable city of Aurous Hill for a long time.

When he is happy, he’ll naturally drink a few more glasses.

After three rounds of drinking, Pollard became a little drunk.

He thanked Charlie for everything, and finally focused on his daughter.

He looked at his only daughter with a three-point drunk and seven-point favor, and exclaimed: “Melba, you and Charlie are both about the same age, but Charlie has been married for 4 years. You should pay more attention to personal issues, right?”

Melba drank a small bottle of red wine. Although she was not drunk, her pretty face was already a little red.

Hearing that Dad suddenly started to care about her life-long events again, she said embarrassedly: “Dad… don’t worry about this kind of thing. There are so many friends around me who are still my age, for further studies in school. It doesn’t matter if you are married in your 30s.

As she said, she suddenly remembered the lie she had told her father, and quickly said, “ Tell you… let me talk about my situation… …Didn’t I tell you everything…”

Pollard looked at her, paused for more than ten seconds before finally sighing, and said with emotion: “Even if you like girls, is it not time to find a girlfriend at this age?”

“I…” Melba didn’t expect that her father would say these words in Charlie’s face. She suddenly felt extremely embarrassed and made a stop. Trying to find a way how to answer.

Charlie suddenly remembered what Pollard had told him before, that the girl Melba was indeed very rebellious, and her s3xual orientation was somewhat different from that of ordinary girls.

Thinking of this, the first thing that came to Charlie’s mind was the other two female hostages he saw in Hamid’s custody, in Syria.

So he blurted out and asked: “Melba…Syria, you had two other female companions, was one of them your other half?”

Melba heard this, and the whole person was stunned for a few seconds. After a long pause, she came back to her senses and said in shame: “Mr. Wade, what are you talking about… Those are my classmates… how could there be my significant other…”

She didn’t expect that Charlie was relieved when he heard this, and said with emotion: “Oh, it’s fine if you don’t have, it’s fine if you don’t.”

Pollard was bored with a glass of wine at this time, and then raised his hand in the air. Signed and said: “In fact, Dad has also seen it now. Now this society, this situation is very common. In many countries, they can already legally marry, including the United States. If you find another one you like, you can get your marriage certificate in the United States.”

Melba was extremely embarrassed and said quickly: “Oh, I think you must have drunk too much, you can drink less!”

“I didn’t drink too much… …” Pollard said seriously: “In fact, these words have been held in my heart for a long time. I have always wanted to tell you that I just didn’t find a chance. You just came back safely today. I have to take this opportunity to talk to you.

Talking from my heart.” Without waiting for Melba’s reply, he continued: “What Dad really hopes is that you can be happy and healthy, not that you have to live the way I want you to live. Life is short, just follow, and live in your own favorite way.”