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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2752 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2752 Start

Melba felt ashamed and angry when she heard this.

Shameful, Charlie was embarrassed enough to buy her personal clothes, and now he asked about this directly face to face, which made her feel ashamed.

What is annoying is, Charlie, what the hell is he buying! Either it was extremely revealing, or it was impossible to wear it at all. Now that the strap behind the upper body is still hanging on the body, it feels more uncomfortable and unbearable.

However, Melba also knew that these were the unintentional mistakes of Charlie. Even if she was angry in her heart, she was not angry with him, not to mention that he had saved her life and was her savior.

So, she could only bite the bullet and say: “That…that…that’s okay…”

Charlie asked subconsciously, “Are you sure it’s okay? Have they all collapsed?”

Melba was extremely ashamed, and at the same time she asked in surprise: “You…how do you know…”

Charlie said a little apologetically: “This is really not the case. I bought it without thinking. I should have brought bigger ones but bought small …… “

Melba turned red, she did not want to continue discussing this topic with Charlie.

Charlie took out the und3rwear that he had just bought from his pocket at this time. He wanted to walk over and hand it to her, but felt that it would be weird to hold the und3rwear directly to others, so he put them on the dinner table. Pushing in front of her, he said in a somewhat embarrassing manner: “This is a new purchase. I deliberately bought it two sizes larger. Would you like to go to the bathroom and change it now?”

Melba never dreamed that Charlie could even get it from his pocket took out another piece of und3rwear!

And what surprised her even more was that this und3rwear turned out to be the brand she saw when she was in the car!

“That means that Charlie said that he had something to do, but he actually went to buy me und3rwear? His thoughts coincided with me…”

Thinking of this, Melba was moved all of a sudden.

She didn’t expect Charlie to be so considerate.

At this time, she was really embarrassed, and quickly grabbed the und3rwear Charlie pushed over, stood up, blushed and

said, “Thank you, Mr. Wade…” After speaking, she hurried to the box. In the bathroom.

She took off the und3rwear that was of very inappropriate size at the fastest speed, and the marks of the joints on the back were very obvious.

She couldn’t wait to throw this und3rwear into the trash can, but a thought flashed in her mind, making her realize that this was the first und3rwear Charlie gave her and the first she had received in her life. A piece of und3rwear given by a man.

So, she rolled up this und3rwear in a wicked manner and took it quietly.

Afterwards, she took out the newly bought one by Charlie. This time, the size was indeed very suitable, which made her breathe a sigh of relief.

The feeling before was like a size 40 foot, but walking all day in size 35 shoes.

It is finally normal now.

A few minutes later, when she came out of the bathroom, the whole person was in a complete state.

Prior to this, she had been very cautious, did not dare to make any big moves, and her mood was even worse.

But now, the size of this newly bought und3rwear by Charlie is very suitable. After changing it, all the negative feelings and emotions are instantly wiped out, making her a lot easier.

After coming out, she clasped her changed clothes with her hands behind her back, for fear of being seen by Charlie.

This was mainly because the Chanel dress that Charlie bought for her didn’t have a pocket, so she didn’t know where to put the dress, so she could only carry it on her back.

Seeing Charlie, Melba said with some embarrassment: “Mr. Wade… thank you so much…”