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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2751 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2751 Start

Seeing that Charlie was coming, Pollard greeted him to sit down beside him.

The diamond box of Classic Mansion is the most luxurious one in the whole Mansion. The huge round dining table can satisfy at least twenty people dining at the same time, so it looks a little deserted when three people sit.

After Charlie sat down next to Pollard, Pollard looked at the opposite Melba and said, “Melba, there are only three of us. Why are you sitting so far away? Sit here.”

Melba said embarrassingly, “I will sit here. Here, with such a big table, it’s awkward for three people to sit next to each other.”

Pollard shook his head helplessly, and said, “I don’t insist, it’s up to you.” After that, he asked Charlie, “Charlie, you can drink a cup?”

Charlie said with a smile: “I’m fine, it depends on whether you still have to work in the afternoon.”

Pollard smiled: “There is no class in the afternoon, so I plan to take a half-day vacation. The two will drink two glasses at noon, and then I will take Melba home to take a good rest, she finally came back, I can’t leave her down and go to the park for jogging.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Indeed, Melba is here. She didn’t suffer less for a while. She really has to take a good rest these two days. If that’s the case, I will accompany you to drink two glasses at noon. I will have dinner later, and let Orvel drive you and Melba home.”

Pollard laughed and said: “Okay, let’s have a few glasses open!” At this moment, Orvel just opened the door and asked Charlie: “Master, the cold dishes are ready, can I serve it first?”

Charlie was busy. He said: “Come on, two more bottles of Moutai by the way, I will accompany Professor Watt to drink two glasses.”

“Okay!” Orvel agreed without hesitation, and said: “The hot dishes I will give you directly according to the specifications of the diamond box. It’s all arranged.”

Charlie waved his hand: “Don’t be so extravagant, the dishes in your diamond box are for 20 people, and we are only three. How can we finish eating so much.”

Pollard also hurriedly said: “Let’s just eat whatever you want, but don’t be too extravagant and wasteful. Now the whole country is promoting diligence and thrift. We have to respond to the call and put an end to waste.”

Charlie thought, “Uncle, want Don’t you go directly to the back kitchen to see, if you are interested, let the chef arrange it on the spot. The three of us, ordering four dishes and one soup is almost going to be sufficient.”

Pollard hurriedly said, “No, no, this is me. I am not picky about eating. I can eat anything you like.”

Charlie smiled and said: “It’s true that I have a choice syndrome, so I still ask you to go and take a look and choose a few dishes.”

Orvel listened to the side. Confused, he thought to himself: “What kind of medicine is sold in the gourd, Master? If you want to order, can I just bring up the menu? Why did you let Professor Watt go to the back kitchen? What? Generally speaking, most restaurant back kitchens are forbidden for customers to visit, and Classic Mansion has never had this operation process.”

Just as he was wondering, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the face sitting opposite Charlie. However, Melba, who frowned slightly and had a sad expression, suddenly understood in his heart.

“It turns out that Master wanted to take this Professor Watt apart and stay alone with his daughter…”

Thinking of this, Orvel hurriedly said to Pollard: “Professor Watt, you are Master’s distinguished guest. Of course, you have to decide what to order.”

After he finished speaking, he directly made a gesture of inviting and said respectfully: “Professor, please move to the back of the kitchen, I will introduce you to our specialty dishes in Classic Mansion!”

Pollard felt that his hospitality was difficult when he saw this, so he had to agree and said: “Okay, then I’ll be more respectful than fate!”

Then, Pollard and Orvel left the box together.

As soon as the two left, Charlie looked at Melba and spoke with a bit of embarrassment: “Well, Melba, isn’t the close-fitting clothes I bought for you in the morning inappropriate?”