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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 275 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 275 Start

Early the next morning.

Charlie was about to go out to buy vegetables, so he received a call.

It was Aoxue, the little pepper of the Qin family.

Aoxue got on the phone, and asked happily, “Mr. Wade, are you at home now?”

Charlie snorted and said, “At home, why, are you looking for something to do with me?”

Aoxue said: “My dad asked me to send you some medicinal materials, saying that it was Warnia’s order. I wonder if it will be convenient for you? If it is convenient, I will bring it to the door.”

His wife, Claire, went to work in the studio. The Old Master drove his mother-in-law to Tomson’s villa to see the progress of the renovation, so Charlie was at home alone, which was not inconvenient.

So he said: “It’s convenient for me. Come here directly.”

Aoxue hurriedly said, “OK, Mr. Wade. I will be there soon!”

A few minutes later, Charlie heard a knock on the door.

When he opened the door, he saw Aoxue, who was wearing a beige dress with a black shawl and long hair, was standing in the doorway, with a huge suitcase in her hand, and a shy face.

“Hello Mr. Wade, I am Aoxue, I don’t know if you still remember me”

Aoxue was extremely nervous at the moment.

Since her father told her yesterday the importance of Mr. Wade to the future of the family, she tossed and turned all night and did not sleep well.

Charlie was naturally all thinking in her mind.

She is also at the age of a young girl.

Which girl doesn’t want to find a handsome, rich, and powerful man who is a good husband too?

And when she looked around, there were no men in the world who could compete with Charlie!

This is the real candidate for a good husband!

Don’t say that Dad hopes to make progress with him, even if he doesn’t say it, she can’t help but be fascinated by him.

Charlie didn’t know why Aoxue was so nervous. The last time he saw her, she was very savage and insisted on competing with herself.

Why does she seem today as if he has changed?

The hot little pepper suddenly turned into a fresh and delicious cucumber?

So he asked curiously: “What’s wrong with you today? It seems to be a big change from before?”

Aoxue said in embarrassment, “Mr. Wade, I used to be ignorant, and last time I was frivolous in front of Master Wade. Please forgive me.”

Charlie smiled and said, “It seems that the changes are really big.”

After speaking, he flashed over and said: “Stop talking at the door, come in.”

Aoxue nodded hurriedly and walked in carefully holding the box.

Charlie saw that it was exhausting to pull this huge box. Aoxue is also a trainer and has some strength. Normally strong labor may not be her opponent. She is still so hard. It seems that this box must be very difficult.

So he asked curiously: “What’s in your box? Why is it so heavy?”

Aoxue hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, these are all medicinal materials my father prepared for you, and they are all top-quality medicinal materials!”

After speaking, she put the suitcase on the floor of the living room and opened the suitcase.