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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2744 Free Novel

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Melba adjusted her sitting posture and said embarrassingly: “They locked us in the cellar and really wanted to kill us at first, but fortunately, Mr. Wade rescued us in time, otherwise, we would be executed one by one.

Pollard is very grateful. Charlie said, “Charlie, you brought Melba back safely. Uncle really owes you a life. From now on, uncle’s old life is yours. What do you let uncle do? Uncle dares to have a little bit of it. Hesitated, the sky beats five claps of thunder and teach me a lesson.

Charlie hurriedly said: “Uncle, it was just a little effort, not to mention that you are a good friend of my mother, and I should help you.”

Melba exclaimed when she heard this, nodded, and said to Pollard: “Dad and Mr. Wade is the son of Aunt Ann you often talk about?”

Pollard: “He is the only son of your Aunt Ann. Charlie

Melba has bright pupils in her eyes, and she said to Charlie excitedly:” Mr. Wade, it’s true that your mother is the biggest idol in my life. I decided to go to Stanford after I learned about her deeds. And at Stanford, I learned more about your mother’s deeds and admiration for her.

Charlie couldn’t help but be a little surprised when he couldn’t describe it in words. He didn’t expect that Melba also knew well about his mother.

This also made Charlie feel ashamed and embarrassed in his heart.

“I don’t know much about my mother, and I’m not even as good as an outsider. This is true because I didn’t do enough. Otherwise, I should have figured out a way to understand my mother.”

At this time, Pollard looked at Melba, serious and serious Said:

“Melba, I have promised Charlie. After he rescues you, you will be the person in charge of Charlie’s ocean shipping business. As a consultant, I am obligated to provide you with everything I can provide. For the help of you, so you return home safely this time. Don’t run around again. Stay steadfast and work hard in Aurous Hill. We, father and daughter, work together to help Charlie do this business anyway.”

Melba nodded and said without hesitation: “Dad, don’t worry about that. I have already agreed to Mr. Wade,”

With that said, she hurriedly said again: “I am actually the most worried about my ability. What I experienced in Syria this time made me realize that I do have great shortcomings in all aspects, especially when it comes to seeing people. I was a little too optimistic, so I am worried that I would not be competent.

Charlie said at this time: “Ms. Watt, don’t worry about this matter. We are doing serious business. We rely on financial resources, planning, resources, channels and contacts, rather than fraud. So you just need to run the company and keep the business smooth. Sort out the resources clearly and understand the connection of resources. The rest is a matter of course.”

After that, he said: “Look, whether it’s Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Google’s Larry Page, or Tesla’s Elon Musk, they are all backgrounds in computer technology, which are commonly known as code farmers. They may not be able to look at people or deceive, but what they really understand is the technology, the market, and how to use their technology. To make products that best meet the needs of the market, so as long as they can do what they do best, they can succeed, and so can you.”

“Mr. Wade, since you have said so, then I will do my best Go and do my best to not let you down.

Melba, when she heard this, her originally nervous and bottomless heart really relaxed a lot.

However, she was relieved in her heart, but her body could not be relieved.

Because she was sitting on the sofa, she felt that her upper body was tightened by improper und3rwear, and she was even a little breathless.

Pollard saw the unnaturalness of his daughter, and couldn’t help asking: “Melba, what’s wrong with you, are you uncomfortable”