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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2743 Free Novel

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When Pollard heard Melba’s words, he was shocked.

When he saw Melba’s face, he shouted in horror: “Melba is really you,

Although Melba is standing in front of him, deep in his heart, Pollard still can’t believe that the woman in front of him is really her.

His daughter. Because, in his heart, he firmly believes that his daughter must still be in Syria now.

There is no possibility that she will suddenly appear in front of him.

Especially since he just talked to Charlie, even Charlie hasn’t seen her now.

Moreover, the United States has not sent anyone to rescue, so the Syrian opposition armed forces who have held his daughter have no chance of releasing her back.

Ten thousand steps back, even if the Syrian reactionaries are true She was so compassionate that she could not appear in Aurous Hill so soon.

Therefore, at this moment, he thought it was a time disorder, and the whole person was in the mist, and he didn’t know how to respond.

See Melba When she arrived was very excited and very thankful, but don’t know why, after Dad didn’t recognize her, she suddenly felt a little unhappy.

So she looked at Pollard with enthusiasm and complained: “I am a living person standing in front of you, don’t you believe me yet?

Pollard hurriedly said: “Belief, I believe Coco. It’s how you came to Aurous Hill. It’s impossible.

Melba shook her head helplessly and turned to look at the wall pointed to Charlie said to her father: “Here, how did I come to Aurous Hill? You will know if you ask him.”

Pollard stood inside the door frame and didn’t know at all. There was a person hidden by the wall outside the door. He hurriedly looked out. It was Charlie who happened to have taken off his mask and faced him.

Charlie saw Pollard’s eyes. With eyes full of shock and confusion, he smiled and waved his hands, saying: “Hi, Uncle.

“Charlie” Pollard was even more stunned, and hurriedly asked: “What the hell is going on?”

Charlie smiled and asked him: “Can we come in and say that

Pollard has just recovered from it, and said excitedly: “Quick Come in quickly.”

Charlie and Melba entered Pollard’s office together. Pollard took Melba and sat on the sofa with her.

Charlie shook the mask in his hand and laughed at himself: “It seems like this thing is mine. It’s useless.”

Pollard said impatiently: “Oh, you can tell me what is going on. Didn’t you just say that you are in Syria? You two lie to me,

Charlie laughed and said, “It’s not. I wanted to give you a surprise.

Pollard said quickly: “The surprise is indeed a surprise. This is a great surprise.

He hurriedly asked: “Tell me, how did you come back in so short time. Did the process go smoothly?

Charlie smiled and said, “It was not smooth at first, but it soon became very smooth. I just met the commander of the opposition and made friends with him.

Refreshing, so he let Melba go.

Pollard hurriedly looked at Melba on the side, and asked: “Melba, you haven’t been wronged there, right?”