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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2742 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2742 Start

After the two got out of the car, they walked directly into the office building, Melba followed Charlie, and said in a nervous voice, “Do you know where my dad’s office is? I haven’t been here once.

Charlie nodded: “I know, you can just follow me with confidence and boldness.

At this time, Pollard was pacing back and forth in his office.

The only daughter is far away in Syria, life or death is uncertain, he is naturally very worried, and Charlie has not replied any clear progress, he does not know whether his daughter can escape this disaster.

Because of the worry in his heart, Pollard repeatedly lost his mind and made mistakes during class today. He felt that his spirit had been strained to the limit. If there is no news from his daughter today, he can only ask for leave from school temporarily, and then go to Syria in person.

He also knows that he is unable to save his daughter, and may not even be able to reach the place where his daughter is detained, but he still hopes that he can be closer to his daughter in space. In that case, he can find something in his heart. Consolation.

Just when he was agitated, a knock on the door suddenly rang.

His chaotic thoughts were forcibly interrupted, so he could only walk to the door and stretched out his hand to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, he saw a young and fashionable woman standing outside, but the woman was wearing a mask. He did not see her looks, so he asked in surprise: “Hello, what can I do for you?

Pollard Watt did not recognize the daughter standing in front of him.

This is not to say how strange he and his daughter are, but in his memory, his daughter Melba did not wear such fashionable and feminine clothes. The

usual Melba Although it’s not a tomboy dress, her dress is always simple and plain, and she rarely wears skirts. Because she graduated from Stanford University, her style of dressing is almost the same as those of programmers in Silicon Valley. Summer is a t-shirt with jeans. In winter, sweaters and down jackets are paired with jeans.

And the girl in front of him, at first glance, is the kind who is very elegant and cares about dressing, and she doesn’t keep with the style of Melba.

Besides, he didn’t think about his daughter at all. After all, in his subconscious, his daughter was in Syria, thousands of kilometers away, and it was impossible for him to suddenly come to him.

Melba didn’t expect that her father really didn’t recognize her.

She stared at Pollard up and down, and in addition to surprise, she also had some hints in her eyes.

However, Pollard was not in that mood at all, carefully trying to figure out the meaning in her eyes.

Seeing the girl in front of him staring at him but not speaking, Pollard didn’t have the patience to continue spending time here, and directly said: “If there is nothing wrong, please leave.”

After finishing, he closed the door directly.

Melba outside the door was standing stupid.

He didn’t even dream of it. Dad couldn’t recognize her just by wearing a mask.

Not only did he not recognize her, but he closed the door.

One side of the leaf against the wall at this time smiling and Charlie looked at her and whispered: “How was it?”

Melba said: “The big deal I want to invite you to dinner at night,”

Charlie put Waved his hand: “I can’t do it tonight. I have to go home tonight. My wife is still waiting for me at home.

Melba asked in surprise:

“You are married.”

Charlie nodded: “I have been married for four years.

Melba suddenly felt something in her heart. It was empty, but she adjusted it quickly and said: “Well, I will talk about the meal another day. Anyway, I will stay in Aurous Hill to work for you in the future, and I can honor the bet at any time.

Charlie smiled slightly: “Okay, remember this meal first.

After that, he pointed to the door of Pollard’s office, and smiled: “Would you like to give your dad another chance?

Melba raised her hand a bit aggravatedly and knocked on the door again


She was obviously agitated inside. She opened the door with a bit of sullenness. Seeing that it was the girl, he asked: “What is the matter with you,

Melba stomped her feet, took off the mask directly, and blurted out: “Mr. Pollard, you even don’t recognize your biological daughter anymore!”