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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2741 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2741 Start

At 12:30 noon, Charlie drove slowly into Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics. At this time, the school had reached the lunch break. There were many students walking in groups on the campus road, most of them were walking towards the cafeteria and dormitory. Some seem to be going to eat out of school.

Melba asked Charlie: “Mr. Wade, will my father go to lunch or contact him?

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: I will send him a voice call, so please don’t say anything.

Melba Knowing that Charlie only wanted to surprise her father, so she agreed:


He parked the car under the administrative office building, and then called Pollard with WeChat.

As soon as the voice call request was sent, it was immediately connected to convenience. Then, Pollard’s voice came over: “Charlie, what are you doing over there? Is there any progress?

Charlie said: “Uncle, don’t urge, my situation is a little bit complicated here, and I can’t say a word or two.

Pollard asked hurriedly: “Then have you seen Melba,

Charlie replied: “Not yet. The opposition guards are very strict. I’m still trying to find a way.

While speaking, Charlie asked him: “Has Uncle eaten lunch yet?

Pollard said with emotion: “I am still not in the mood to eat. I have been upset from last night until now. At first, I called you several times, showing you are not in the service area. There should be no signal on your side.

Charlie explained: ” There must be no communication signal, so I can’t make and receive calls normally, but I have a satellite Internet device on my side, which can be connected via satellite. It’s just that the traffic fee is a bit expensive.

Pollard didn’t notice anything abnormal, couldn’t help but sigh, “This matter is really too much trouble for you, no matter if you have a chance to see Melba in the future or if you have a chance to save her. When you come out, you must ensure your personal safety.

Charlie smiled and said, “Uncle, don’t worry, I will bring your daughter back to the country in peace. After

that, he hurriedly said: “Uncle, I will hang up first, and I will tell you when there is progress.

Pollard had no choice but to say: “Then you must pay attention to your safety.

Charlie ended the voice call. Melba beside him couldn’t help but ask him: “Then what shall we do next?

Charlie turned off the car and took out two disposable masks. After putting it on, he said to Melba: “Put on the mask, let’s go directly to your dad’s office, he must be there.

Melba knew that Charlie wanted to give dad a surprise, and said with a smile: “You think I put on a mask, my dad couldn’t recognize me. Charlie smiled and said, “I bet, as long as you don’t talk, your dad will definitely not recognize you.

“Impossible. “Melba shook her head, and said confidently: “My dad and I just don’t talk very well, but it doesn’t mean that our relationship is very tense and rusty. He must recognize me at a glance.”

Charlie smiled slightly: “If you don’t believe me, try it. You can knock on the door later and see if he can recognize you.

Melba pouted: “Okay if you lose, you must invite me to dinner and

finish talking. The mask was put on.