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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 274 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 274 Start

Qin Gang said earnestly at this time: “Daughter, it won’t take a long time for Mr. Wade to spread the wings and soar into the sky. At that time, all Aurous Hill, and even large families across the country, will be desperate to curry favor with him. The big family will send their most beautiful daughters into his arms. You have to seize this opportunity to deliver medicine to Mr. Wade!”


Aoxue blushed all of a sudden: “Dad, what are you talking about? I don’t understand what opportunity to take.”

“Still acting stupid with me?” Qin Gang said sternly, “Dad can see that you have admiration for Mr. Wade, right?”

Aoxue squeezed ashamedly for a while before finally nodding.

Qin Gang said: “I have a hunch that Mr. Wade, this real dragon, will not last long in the little snake den of the Willson family. One day he will definitely leave the Willson family. Mr. Wade builds up a good relationship, even a foundation of affection!”

Speaking of this, Qin Gang looked forward with emotion: “If our Qin family can recruit a son-in-law like Mr. Wade, this will definitely influence our family’s fortunes for the next hundred years! At that time, we will realize the aspirations of our ancestors, The Qin family has become the top in the land of China! If that is the case, the ancestor’s grave will be smoked! The ancestors will be very pleased!”

Aoxue’s heart shuddered when she heard this, and she immediately put away her original shame.

Dad was right. This is not a simple matter of love for children.

This is the key to whether a family can break through the shackles of fate and meet the weathered dragon!

Encountering the weathered dragon is a difficult opportunity for a family to wait for a century!

How many families have flourished and disappeared in less than a hundred years, but there are also many families that can survive a hundred years, but they still cannot go further.

The Qin family is the latter!

If the Qin family can seize the opportunity of Charlie, it is likely to soar into the sky!

This is really an excellent opportunity that may not be encountered in a century!

Now, this opportunity seems to be in her own hands. If she can really recruit Charlie into the Qin family, then the family can at least take a hundred years of detours!


The powerful sense of family mission has already urged her heart to quickly move closer to Charlie.

So, she immediately said to Qin Gang: “Dad, go and prepare medicinal materials! I will take it to Mr. Wade tomorrow morning!”

Qin Gang nodded with satisfaction, and said, “It must be beautiful and shiny. My daughter dare not say that she is all over the country, but here in Aurous Hill, she is definitely a beautiful woman. If you dress well, you will look absolutely gorgeous!”

Aoxue’s face was blushing, but she nodded very seriously and said, “Don’t worry, Dad, I will definitely pay attention!”

Qin Gang said: “Tomorrow you will see Mr. Wade, remember to tell him that the Qin family respects him very much, and I hope to serve him all the time, and to support him in the future. In addition, tell Mr. Wade that our Qin family has been doing this for nearly a hundred years. In the medicinal material business, what kind of good medicinal materials he needs in the future, just tell us and it will be arranged!”

“After you have said this, please ask Mr. Wade to ask him whether he can give the Qin family a magical medicine. The Qin family will be grateful for everything! I believe that after you say this, Mr. Wade will definitely not refuse! “