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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2739 Free Novel

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Therefore, when she tried on the dress that Charlie bought, she was speechless to the extreme, and she couldn’t help but mumbled: “Is my figure hidden so well? 、So easy to be underestimated. How can people wear it hard?

I am afraid that I will be strangled. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help sighing and thinking: “It must be because I have always been subjectively unwilling to show my body, so Mr. Wade has caused such a big error and prejudice. It seems that this will not be possible in the future. Otherwise, he thinks I am a Taiping princess.

Melba sighed, then looked at the dress in front of her and decided to grit her teeth and wear it first.

Afterward, she opened the other bag and took out the clothing that was as thin as a cicada’s wings.

She held the piece of clothing with both hands and took a look, she screamed, and subconsciously threw the piece of clothing out, and then immediately covered her hot face, and her heart rate was almost twice as fast as before.

“Oh Gosh,” how could Melba touch her hot face, and muttered in shame, “Why would Mr. Wade buy this kind of clothes for me? It’s too explicit.

” Isn’t he unintentional, but before buying clothes, he must be sure, has he seen the style, doesn’t he see that this kind of clothes is too explicit?

Or, he did it on purpose, but why did he deliberately buy this kind of und3rwear for me? Is it a deliberate prank, or has a certain nasty taste?

Melba feels like this whole person strange, look at that piece of clothing that was thrown on the floor, she is almost certain that in this life will not wear something so disgusting

, however, soon put her mind to the idea of just relaxing and overthrow.

“not If you wear this, there is no solution. Wearing dirty, or simply not wearing it is really unacceptable.

“It seems that this is just barely acceptable.”

Thinking of this, she didn’t even bother to speculate on Charlie’s motives, gritted her teeth, and picked up the piece of clothing she had thrown away again.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell in Charlie’s room rang.

He opened the door, and the one standing outside the door was indeed a completely new Melba.

Putting on Chanel’s customized dress, paired with leggings and white leather shoes, Melba feels a bit noble and reserved.

In fact, her dress was worn by the commoner princess in Europe, who had been very popular some time ago, in public, showing her temperament and taste.

But, who would know that Melba’s reserved and noble dress turned out to be a set of und3rwear that made her feel very ashamed.

Charlie didn’t know what was going on inside. Seeing that she was dressed very appropriately, he couldn’t help but say with a little sullenness: “Oh, it seems that I have a good vision. This dress is a perfect match for you, and it looks very sized.

Melba’s face immediately blushed to her neck.