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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2738 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2738 Start

When she thought of this, Melba’s face was red immediately reached the base of her neck. Charlie bought her a base stocking, which already made her feel very embarrassed, but how could she have thought that he even bought und3rwear for her.

“Even such a close-fitting und3rwear. ” Mr. Wade had to buy clothes for her, which was too shameful for a while.

Melba was very complicated.

On the one hand, she was relieved because there was a solution, but on the other hand, because of the special nature of this matter, she was ashamed to want to plunge into the ice water.

After a while, reality prevailed in her struggling heart. She said to herself: “Anyway, at least the problem of und3rwear is solved. After this matter, I will pretend not to know, and never will Mr. Wade.

Just when she thought of this, she mustered up the courage and opened the pink package.

The package is opened, and lying inside are two individually wrapped plastic bags.

Melba looked at the two pure black clothes with lace edges, and her embarrassed face became hot.

Although she guessed it must be und3rwear, she didn’t expect it to be black with lace.

In fact, Melba never wears such fancy and somewhat over-the-top und3rwear. She is a pragmatist. She likes to wear close-fitting clothes with solid colors and skin-friendly fabrics. After all, in her opinion, comfort is the most important thing.

However, right now Charlie bought them all, and there was no other choice, so she could only bite the bullet and open it, thinking: Anyway, let’s dress first and go out. Her personal belongings are in the United States and some luggage.

The clothes are all in Syria. She didn’t bring anything when she returned home. She could only purchase and purchase in bulk after she met her father. “

Immediately, she blushed and opened one of the und3rwear Charlie bought for her.

This is a piece of clothing worn on the upper body, so the first thing Melba does after opening it is to look at the size.

She usually doesn’t like to wear clothes that show her figure, so it is easy to be mistaken for a flat figure, but in fact, at 1.7 meters tall, she has a super hot figure. The front and back curls are just basic, the ubiquitous s-shape. The curve is not less than those supermodels.

It is also because Melba’s figure is really too hot. Since going to college, she has always attracted some nasty suitors because of her good body, and even many people are like dog skin plasters. Her study and life have brought a huge impact, so she has never worn any clothes that can highlight her figure since then.

For example, in summer, wear loose clothes as much as possible, and never wear skirts above the knees, so as not to show slenderness of her legs.

In winter, she dressed herself up very bloated, and she couldn’t see the bulging and curves of her figure.

Charlie was fooled. Melba seemed to have no body, so she expected her ch3st out of stock, he bought the smallest cup directly.

However, the real situation of Melba must be at least two sizes larger than it.