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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2735 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2735 Start

When Issac mobilized resources to pick up Roma from Northeast Desert City to Aurous Hill, Zynn was escorted on a plane by Issac’s men and flew to Syria.

At the same time, Hamid, who was far away in Syria, also began to mobilize his own soldiers, preparing to follow Wade’s points to strictly implement the nine-character policy of digging deep holes, accumulating grain, and slowly becoming king.

His friend in the construction industry in Iraq heard Hamid say that he could give a 50% project premium, and he was willing to pay five million dollars in advance. He did not hesitate to stop his late payment in Iraq. The project, with a bunch of construction workers who want to make money, hurried to Syria.

Chengfeng didn’t know that his son had already started a journey westward.

He knew that Zynn was looking for a chance to meet Ito Takehiko today, so he waited for good news in the villa.

And Pollard, who is teaching at Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics, has been suffering from extreme anxiety all morning.

He has been following reports on the eight hostages in Syria, but what makes him feel very nervous is that there is no latest development of any public reports on this matter.

It’s not that the local media didn’t report it, but the opposition, who had taken the hostages, didn’t even speak up.

According to the previous public statements of the opposition, if the US embassy does not pay 80 million US dollars, now they will kill the prisoners one by one at a certain time interval.

It stands to reason that once the opposition and the U.S. embassy talk to no avail, they must kill the hostages to put pressure on the U.S. embassy, ​​but they went silent and did not release any more information. This is really counterintuitive.

Pollard was also worried about Charlie’s safety and whether he could bring his daughter back.

After all, there was a raging war there, and if it went to Charlie alone, it would be difficult for him to easily rescue his daughter.

But he didn’t know that Charlie had already brought his daughter back to Aurous Hill as early as dawn.

At this moment, his daughter Melba is in a dream.

Life in Syria during this period was very difficult, and after being captured, there was a lot of fear, psychological and mental pressure.

Now she finally returned to the peaceful and calm Huaxia, lying on the soft and comfortable big bed of the five-star hotel, which made her completely relax physically and mentally, so she slept very firmly.

Charlie told Issac to contact Roma, and he strolled to the commercial area of ​​the Shangri-La Hotel.

This kind of top-star hotel has very complete commercial facilities.

Many top luxury brands prefer to cooperate with five-star hotels.

Because in their opinion, consumers who live in five-star hotels generally have relatively strong spending power, which completely overlaps with their customer groups of luxury goods.

Therefore, many Chanel, Hermes, and Dior stores are opened in five-star hotels.

Charlie came here alone, not just rushing to go shopping freely, but planning to buy new clothes for Melba.

When he saw Melba in a cellar in Syria yesterday, the clothes she wore were so dirty that the original color was not visible.

After all, they were arrested as prisoners of war, so in this case, it is difficult to guarantee a decent dress.

However, at noon, he planned to take Melba directly to Aurous Hill College of Finance and Economics and give her father a surprise.

Since it is to give a surprise, his daughter must be delivered to him intact and clean.

If Melba wears something like a beggar and goes there, let alone how Pollard feels after seeing her, the key is that the security guards of Aurous Hill University of Finance and Economics may not let her in.

Charlie came to the commercial area and bought Melba a high-end customized garment in the Chanel store.

The style of a high-end fashion brand like Chanel is slightly luxurious, and the style of clothes is more glamorous and s3xy. Charlie chose an off-white dress casually.