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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 273 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 273 Start

Since being taught by Charlie to be a human, Aoxue has thoroughly understood what it means to be a person outside the sky and someone outside the person.

Knowing that Charlie has great supernatural powers, she has always admired Charlie in her heart, and she is even more ashamed.

Ashamed, it was natural that she was overwhelmed at the beginning and even had to compete with Mr. Wade.

However, the more beautiful girls with hot personality, the more they like men who are much stronger than them because only such men can convince them.

Therefore, Aoxue always regarded Charlie as her biggest idol.

Hearing that Charlie wanted to make magical medicine, she couldn’t help but exclaimed: “She didn’t expect Mr. Wade to have this ability to make magical medicine!”

Qin Gang sighed: “How powerful is Mr. Wade? We only saw the tip of the iceberg! I heard that a few days ago, even the genius doctor Tianqi paid homage to Mr. Wade’s medical skills! His injury was because he bought Mr. Wade casually. Refining magic medicine is mostly better!”


Aoxue was completely shocked!

Her family has been doing medicinal materials business all year round, and in fact, she still knows a lot about traditional medicine.

Tianqi is one of several superb traditional medicine masters in China. In terms of seniority, he is really at the level of Patriarch, even some big people, it is difficult to invite him out of the mountain. Unexpectedly, even he is not as young as a young man like Mr. Wade!

Aoxue couldn’t help being full of fascination with Charlie.

Such a man with great ability is the object of women’s most admiration!

Especially a strong woman like her would only worship and surrender to such a powerful man. So, all of a sudden, she felt like a deer crashing in her heart, not to mention how excited she was.

Qin Gang suddenly saw his daughter’s blushing. He was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately realized that his daughter seemed to be a little girly to Charlie.

He turned slightly in his heart and hurriedly said to Aoxue: “Aoxue, Dad will prepare medicinal materials now. When the medicinal materials are ready, you will take them to Mr. Wade tomorrow morning.”

“Me?” Aoxue asked in surprise: “Dad, don’t you want to go by yourself? Why do you let me go again?”

Qin Gang smiled and said, “You are a girl, and you are about the same age as Mr. Wade. You are both young people, so naturally, you can talk better.”

After speaking, Qin Gang said again: “Actually, Dad is telling you the truth, don’t look at Mr. Wade’s strength and supernatural powers, in fact, he is a very low-key person and has been a son-in-law in the Willson family for several years.”

Aoxue nodded and said, “I seem to have heard about this, but I don’t understand why Mr. Wade is so powerful, why does he want to be a son-in-law? Even if he loves that Willson family woman again, he can directly reveal that he is married. Why does he want to be a son-in-law?”

Qin Gang sighed, “This is where Mr. Wade is unpredictable! If you say that it is really because of love, there is nothing wrong with it, but I have heard people say that he and Claire from the Willson family, in fact, It’s just nominal. In the past, Claire’s mother told people outside that Mr. Wade was at home and couldn’t even get to Claire’s bed, so he could only sleep on the floor!”

“Ah?!” Aoxue was dumbfounded: “It would be too much to let Mr. Wade sleep on the floor of the Willson family.”

Qin Gang said: “They don’t understand how great Mr. Wade is! I think it may be one of the ways of cultivation of Mr. Wade. Many people in the world like to practice asceticism, and practice as hard as possible.”

“That’s it.” Aoxue nodded and said, “Mr. Wade is really amazing!”