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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 272 Free Novel

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“Very good.” Charlie smiled slightly and said: “Remember to prepare more weight, I still have other use.”

Charlie doesn’t need money to buy medicinal materials, but he needs a reliable channel for medicinal materials. Good medicinal materials are like good antique cultural relics. The solution is important.

His roots in Aurous Hill are still relatively shallow, so he’s naturally not as good as the Song family. They have cultivated in Aurous Hill for hundreds of years, and they are very strong in various ways.

Warnia hung up the phone and received a list of medicinal materials from Charlie, so she called Qin Gang of the Qin family as soon as possible.

Although the Qin family is not as good as the Song family, the head of the Qin family is in the business of antiques, wenwan, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Even Charlie didn’t know that Qin Gang was actually the largest supplier of medicinal materials in the entire Aurous Hill area.

This is mainly because of Qin Gang’s medicinal material business is not privately owned. It is a pharmaceutical factory that directly supplies major traditional medicines, as well as chain pharmacies, only wholesale, not retail.

Warnia recounted Charlie’s list on the phone and then asked: “Mr. Qin Gang, I don’t know if I can get these medicinal materials for me. I want the best quality and a large quantity!”

As soon as Qin Gang heard that Warnia wanted these medicinal materials, he immediately realized what he hurriedly asked: “Miss Song, dare to ask, this medicinal material is prepared for Mr. Charlie Mr. Wade?”

“Yes.” Warnia had a good relationship with Qin Gang, so she didn’t hide her words, she said: “Mr. Steven should have also heard that Mr. Wade rescued my grandfather. He made a favor a few days ago and wanted to give me some magical medicine. I will prepare medicinal materials for that.”

Qin Gang said immediately: “Miss Song, don’t worry, I will prepare these medicinal materials, and I will deliver them to Mr. Wade directly.”

Warnia said: “Mr. Gin Gang, please send it off to me, if it’s appropriate?”

Qin Gang said earnestly: “Miss Song, you and I are friends, so I won’t tell you those imaginary ones. I also want to dare to ask Mr. Wade for magical medicine. In the future, in case of emergency, I just borrow this opportunity of delivering medicinal materials to Mr. Wade.”

Warnia thought for a while, even if she didn’t let Qin Gang send medicinal materials, Qin Gang would look for Charlie for medicinal materials, so she just gave him a favor so that he could take advantage of the opportunity to send medicinal materials to Charlie.

So she smiled and said, “I don’t have any opinion on this, but Mr. Gin Gang must prepare for the medicinal materials that Mr. Wade wants. Don’t make any mistakes!”

Qin Gang quickly assured: “Miss Song, don’t worry, I can’t fool Mr. Wade!”

Warnia smiled and said, “That’s it, you go and prepare, and send it to Mr. Wade.”

After hanging up the phone, Qin Gang was very excited.

His daughter, Aoxue, the beautiful and hot little pepper, saw her father rub his hands in excitement at this time, and couldn’t help asking, “Dad, what are you excited about?”

Qin Gang laughed loudly: “There is a great thing!”

Aoxue asked in surprise: “What’s the great thing?”

“It’s Mr. Wade!” Qin Gang said excitedly.

Aoxue felt a little in her heart, Mr. Wade? ! That amazing master Wade?

She couldn’t help but shyly asked, “Dad, what happened to Mr. Wade?”

Qin Gang blurted out, “Mr. Wade is going to make a magic medicine! Miss Song asked me to help Mr. Wade prepare medicinal materials. At that time, I will also be going to ask Mr. Wade to come back for a magic medicine!”