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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2714 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2714 Start

Zynn was finally relieved.

In his opinion, as long as he doesn’t go to Africa, he is basically justified.

Even in Myanmar and Cambodia, all aspects of conditions and security are better than those in Africa.

So, he hurriedly asked: “Mr. Wade, where are you going to send me?

Charlie smiled slightly and said one word faintly: “Syria!

Zynn felt a buzz in his mind when he heard these three words. A huge force hit his forehead.

He panicked and murmured: “Syria?! Isn’t that a war-torn country?! Going to such a place at this time, can safety be guaranteed?

Zhiyu blurted out nervously: “Master, the situation in Syria is turbulent, not only in the country, The opposition and other armed forces, the United States also seems to have frequent military operations. It is too dangerous. Can you change the place?

Charlie shook his head: “I don’t have to change, go to Syria.

Seeing that Zynn was very nervous, Ruoli comforted: “Don’t worry too much. Although the situation in Syria is relatively turbulent, the capital Damascus is still relatively safe, and the opposition and other armed forces have not attacked there. With that, he added another sentence: “Damascus has a long history, and its modernization progress is pretty good. After all, Syria’s per capita GDP is not low.

Zynn heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. Although he had never been to Damascus, he felt pretty good when he heard that.

As a result, he not only secretly thought: In his impression, although Syria is a country of war all year round, it is not very poor, after all, it is also a middle-income country.

‘If I go to the capital Damascus, I can also experience the exotic customs. If Zhiyu can really become the Patriarch of the Su family, then I will be the Patriarch’s father, and I will be able to continue living the life of the Master when I come back! Thinking of this, he is very happy. He hurriedly said: “Since Mr. Wade made such an arrangement, I will say nothing.”

Charlie looked at Zynn and said with interest: “Oh yes Mr. Su, I forgot to tell you that my friend is an armed leader of the Syrian opposition. He just beat the government forces a few days ago. He won the battle, there is something indeed, and he is someone who has studied in China for many years, speaks Chinese very well. After you go, it will be more convenient to communicate with him.”

Charlie said again. “But after you arrive in Syria, you must be careful. Once the war starts, you must protect yourself. The guns are eyeless, so don’t be injured by mistake.

Zynn immediately collapsed when he heard this: “What?! Opposition? ! Yep, you let me go to the armed opposition what to do ah?!

Charlie smiled and said:?! “Do not say to send you experience life past experience, you have seen pampered living for so many years, may wish to change the living law

Zynn panicked and said: “But if your friend loses, what should I do? Maybe I am going to die there.”

Charlie thoughtfully said, “You really have some truth in what you said, right? , Do you have any U.S. dollar assets that you can call overseas?

Zynn thought for a while, and said: “Most of the assets of the Su family are under the hands of the old man, but I can also transfer tens of millions of dollars, the amount is not large, he Can’t find it.

Charlie said immediately: “Very good, then when you arrive in Syria, transfer the money to my friend by the way, as it is to support his revolutionary cause.