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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2712 Free Novel

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At this time, he didn’t know what to say.

Saying that he is dead? Charlie is likely to force him to commit suicide.

Say let him help? Then maybe he just shot himself down.

But, both daughters are here, should he go to Charlie to beg for mercy? Doesn’t it mean that he broke his word again and threw the two daughters again? Behind his head?!

Extremely entangled and afraid of death, Zynn collapsed to the ground as if he was paralyzed. He only knew how to cry, but couldn’t say a word at all.

Zhiyu looked at him and looked down upon him, but she also couldn’t bear it.

She is actually not afraid of her father going back.

Anyway, she was already very disappointed with her father, and there was no need to let him die at this time.

So, she hesitated for a moment, knelt in front of Charlie with a puff, and choked up: “Master Zhiyu begs you to forgive my father.

Ruoli is actually the same as Zhiyu.

Disappointment is really a disappointment.

But the blood is still there.

This man who is limp on the ground is still her father.

Even if he is as timid as a mouse, even if he is addicted to money, he is still her father.

He has never harmed her himself, so how can she expect him to die?

Think of it, she immediately knelt down and pleaded: “Master, beg you to spare.

Liona had a complicated expression and knelt on one knee. She said piously: “Young Master Wade, as Zynn’s wife, I have been thinking of others in my heart all these years. I really owe it to him. Although he has sinned in all sorts of ways, he is sinful I know. Please let him go.

Zynn really didn’t expect it to be like this.

He didn’t expect that his two daughters and the wife who was determined to divorce him would kneel on the ground and beg Charlie to go around him.

At this moment, his heart was truly guilty.

He covered his face and lay on the ground and wept bitterly, because he really wanted to survive, so he had no face to see his daughter and wife, and could only wait for Charlie’s sentence.

Charlie also hesitated at this time.

Hesitate whether to kill Zynn or not.

If you kill him, there are other sons in the Su family. It is said that the five sons, eldest and second child of the Su family are gone, and there are also the third, fourth, and fifth sons.

If he doesn’t kill him, he can’t swallow the tone of the Anti-Wade Alliance alone.

At this time, he glanced at Zhiyu and suddenly said: “Zhiyu, if you want me to spare him for not dying, you must promise me two conditions.

Zhiyu said without hesitation: “Please, please. Say it, Master!

Charlie sternly said: “The first condition, no matter what method you use, you must inherit the Su family within three years!”

After hearing this, Zhiyu was shocked and she never thought about inheriting the Su family. What’s more, even if she thinks about it, she doesn’t have a chance. Don’t say she is a female, even if her father is the eldest son, he hasn’t inherited the Su family for so many years. How can she achieve this goal in three years?

But, one-thinking about it. The father’s life and death, she could only bite the bullet and promise first, at least to save her father’s life, so she blurted out: “Okay, I promise the second condition?

Charlie said coldly: “The second condition, On the day of inheriting the Su family, the old dog Chengfeng must be handed over to me.”

“Before you hand that old dog to me, Zynn’s life temporarily exists with me, waiting for you to hand over Chengfeng to me. I will return Zynn to you!