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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2709 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2709 Start

Ruoli’s room was not far from the rooms of Liona and Zhiyu. They were all in the same area of ​​the executive floor, but there were a dozen rooms in between.

At this time, she naturally didn’t know anything about what happened in Zhiyu’s room.

Recently, she has been seizing the time to practice martial arts.

Charlie had directly increased her Ren Vessel patency, which made her whole person’s strength and foundation go through earth-shaking changes, so she couldn’t wait to take advantage of the good foundation Charlie laid for herself and improve her strength quickly.

At this time, Ruoli was wearing sports und3rwear in the room for morning exercises, and suddenly heard the doorbell, subconsciously it must be Charlie, and ran to the door with excitement.

When she was about to open the door, she heard Issac’s voice outside the door: “Ms. Su is awake?

Ruoli’s hand that was about to touch the doorknob suddenly stopped, and asked a little disappointedly: “Is there anything wrong with Mr. Issac?”

Issac said politely: “That’s right, our young master is here, and has a few acquaintances in another room. He would like to invite you to come there too. I don’t know if it is convenient for you.

Ruoli heard that Charlie was looking for her, and she was a little disappointed just now. She is now excited to the extreme, like a little girl who just fell in love, so she hurriedly said: “Mr. Issac wait a minute, I will change my clothes. Come out right away!

After speaking, she hurried back to the bedroom. Although she was covered with fragrant sweat, she didn’t care about taking a shower. She wiped it quickly and changed her clothes.

Before she went out, she went to the mirror and looked at the mirror carefully. After looking at it for a moment, she saw that although her face in the mirror was radiant, her lips were red and her teeth were white, but she still lacked the sense of sophistication after applying pink and white, she couldn’t help but felt a little lost, and said to herself, “Hey, I didn’t learn to apply makeup before, and there was never even a lipstick around me. There are no eyebrow pencils, or else I could dress up a little.”

In desperation, she could only dispel this idea and hurried out. When she arrived at the door, Issac was waiting for her.

Seeing Ruoli coming out, he made a gesture of inviting and said, “Miss Su, please come with me.

Ruoli nodded and followed Issac to the room where Charlie was.

At this time, except for Charlie. Besides Issac, Zynn, Zhiyu, and Liona didn’t know who Charlie was talking about as the ‘other guest’.

Therefore, the three of them were very curious.

Soon, the doorbell rang outside, and Issac was outside with someone. He opened his mouth and said, “Master, please come here.

Charlie gave a hum, and said, “Let her come in. Issac immediately opened the door and said to Ruoli beside him: “Miss Su, please.

Ruoli stepped forward and saw Charlie standing inside the door. She felt extremely happy in her heart, but after she saw the other people around Charlie clearly, her whole body was dumbfounded.

She never dreamed that her father Zynn, half-sister Zhiyu, and Zhiyu’s biological mother Liona were all here!

Zynn, Zhiyu, and Liona saw Ruoli enter. When she entered, she was shocked to add!

No one thought that Ruoli, who disappeared in Japan, was still alive!

The whole of Japan was struggling to find her, and the Metropolitan Police Department carried out a carpet search across the country. The soldiers of the Self-Defense Force also searched every city in the mainland, and conspired with Chengfeng to do meritorious service, but accidentally played with the Maritime Self-Defense Force. , But no one found Ruoli’s whereabouts.

They once believed that Ruoli should have been killed at sea. After all, it was really difficult to find someone in the sea.

The Su family also felt that Ruoli 90% was dead, and there was a high probability that she would be buried on the bottom of the sea. Otherwise, how could she escape from the net of security forces which encompassed heaven and earth?!

But now, she appeared to them alive. before!

Moreover, this is not Japan!

This is Aurous Hill!

Moreover, since she is Charlie’s guest, it must be Charlie who rescued her.

From this point of view, this man simply has the ability to reach the sky!

If he does not have the ability to reach the sky, how could he bring Ruoli back quietly from the tiger and wolf’s mouth?!

This is simply incredible! The one who is most excited is naturally Zynn.

Seeing that Ruoli was still alive, he was even more emotional, and cried and said, “Ruoli! Ruoli is that really you! It’s so hard for Dad to find you!