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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2706 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2706 Start

Liona couldn’t help laughing a few times: “Haha, what kind of dream are you having recently.”

Zhiyu smiled: “In my dream, it seems to be on the bank of the Yongding River, which is where I liked to fly kites when I was a kid.

Then, Zhiyu said again: “You said it’s strange to dream. I seem to be a little girl in my dream, but when I dreamed, I didn’t feel at all against it.

Liona nodded: “What’s weird about this, most of the dreams that violate peace are incomparably invested when you are in the dream, and you only feel absurd when you wake up.

She said, she sighed softly and continued:” In my life, I don’t know how many absurd and weird dreams I have had. I dreamed that the dead person was still alive and that I had changed a life.”

Zhiyu looked at Liona and saw that her face was always indelible. Regrettably, she couldn’t help asking: “Mom, do you regret marrying dad?”

Liona was slightly ashamed, and immediately gave a wry smile, and said: “If I were the girl who was as old as you back then, knowing that marrying that man would be accompanied by a lifetime of unwillingness, Then she will definitely not marry, but when that girl has a daughter the same size as she used to be, if you ask her again, she will definitely not regret it.

After Zhiyu listened, her eyes couldn’t help but a reddish color.

She knows the meaning of her mother’s words.

If it is only for herself, marrying her father is regrettable; but if she also counts herself, marrying her father and having herself and a brother, she does not regret it.

It’s just that she doesn’t regret this sentence, but the true love of her mother’s life is buried.

Zhiyu couldn’t help but said, “Thank you

Liona with a smile: “Silly girl, thank me for what?”

After that, she gently wiped away the teardrops from the corners of Zhiyu’s eyes, and said seriously: “So, you are not me, you are the same as the girl who was the same age as you back then, so you must be careful when choosing the other half in the future. , Don’t take the mother’s old path, there are countless kinds of men in this world, tall, short, fat, thin, white, black, poor, and rich. All these are not important, only The right one is the most important, so in the future, you must choose the right one. Remember what mom said, don’t forget.”

Zhiyu nodded and said earnestly: “Mom, I will.”

At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Zhiyu hurriedly said: “It should be the aunt who comes to collect the tableware. I will open the door.

After that, she got up and went to the door of the room, stretched out her hand, and opened the door.

But she never dreamed that at the moment when the door was opened, it was a man.

Charlie who she had been dreaming about and dreaming for a long time!

At this time, he was tall and thin with a cold expression. Charlie stood at the door of Zhiyu’s room. When his face was close at hand, Zhiyu was struck by lightning, and the excitement in his heart could not be restrained.

She looked at Charlie with ecstasy and blurted out: “Benevolence! It’s really you!”

Charlie looked at Zhiyu, and said blankly: “Miss Su, please give me a favor.”

Zhiyu is not clear, but she still obediently stepped back and asked subconsciously: “Benevolence, do you want to come in?

Charlie didn’t say a word. He pulled Zynn out from the wall on the outside of the door. He drew in front of him.

Zhiyu didn’t have time to see Zynn’s face in an instant, only to see Charlie pulling out a person from the blind spot next to him, and then there was a bang!

Charlie actually raised his foot, kicked the man into the room with one foot!