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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2701 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2701 Start

As the son of the Su family, Zynn has definitely seen many big scenes for so many years, but the whole person is in an unprecedented panic towards Charlie, who is in his twenties.

He didn’t understand why the Wade family descendant in front of him was so fierce that he attacked the Su family one after another without any scruples.

In the beginning, even when the competition between Su and Wade was the fiercest, no one dared to play such a fierce tactic. After all, both sides are very strong, which is equivalent to two countries with nuclear weapons. Desperately at balance with each other.

However, Changying’s son didn’t care about it at all.

He directly tied Shoude, which in itself was not enough to put the Su family in his eyes.

Now, instead of converging, he aimed at himself. This kind of person is simply a disruptor of the rules of the game!

Seeing Charlie’s aggressiveness unabated, Zynn’s heart was tense, and his mouth softened somewhat. He said seriously: “Although the Eastcliff families have been fighting for so many decades, everyone still retains some basic respect. Although I formed the Anti-Wade Alliance back then, I have never done anything to your parents’ personal safety, or threaten them. Why are you here to ambush me and kidnap me?

Charlie asked coldly: “Are you dead?”

Zynn’s expression was startled: “What do you mean?”

Charlie asked again: “I’m asking you, you are dead No?”

Zynn coldly snorted: “Joke, if I die, is the one standing in front of you a ghost?”

Charlie nodded: Yes, you are not dead, but my parents are dead! You keep saying you have never threatened the personal safety of my parents, but my parents have passed away for nearly 20 years. You now casually say that it has nothing to do with you. Do you think I will believe it?

Zynn said nervously: “You can disbelieve it, but you have to know that even in the law, it is a presumption of innocence. If you have evidence that your parents’ death is related to me, then you have to kill me. , But if you have no evidence, you can only prove that the death of your parents has something to do with me!

Charlie smiled: “Mr. Zynn, you are a little too naive, since you’re here, you think you will tell me the truth about these rules? If you fall into my hands, you have to play according to my rules and see what happens to your brother. You should be able to know. “

Zynn was shocked, blurted out:” I am the eldest son of Su and I am the future heir my family will not let you!!!

Charlie curled his lip: “Since I am not afraid that the Su family retaliates, and I tell you, this matter is far from over with you. Your father Chengfeng is also on my list. In addition, if your Su family is found out by me, who else is with my parents? There is a connection between his death, or whoever is not convinced, I will solve them all one by one!”

Zynn questioned in a panic: “You don’t have any actual evidence right now, so you will attack my family again and again. Is there any morality or justification?

“The morality or justification?” Charlie sneered: “Your family is not worthy to mention these two words!”

Zynn frowned: “What do you mean?”

Charlie smiled: “What do I mean, you are not clear in your heart? I ask you, Ruoli is your illegitimate daughter?! Zynn heard these words, the expression was a bit embarrassing, and the voice was a little emboldened and said: “Ruoli is indeed my illegitimate daughter, but I am not the one who harmed her!

Charlie nodded: “I know, your father is the one who harmed her.

Right ?” Zynn dodges Charlie’s aggressive eyes, hesitatingly excuses: “I haven’t got any definitive proof of this matter until now, so whether it is my father or not has yet to be confirmed.

Charlie smiled shamefully: “What a trash!”

Zynn blurted out and asked, “What do you mean?!

Charlie yelled, “I said you are really a trash! A total trash!”