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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2696 Free Novel

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Issac continued to inquire according to Charlie’s instructions. While checking, he said, “Master, I see that this company is wholly-owned by another technology company in Yuzhou. Behind the company, there is an investment fund and a partnership enterprise. This investment fund is Eastcliff SW Capital or South West Capital!”

Charlie asked him curiously: “

SW Capital? Whose family? Issac hurriedly said: “SW Capital, that’s One of the many capital-operated companies of the Su family.

Su! “The Su family?” Charlie frowned, and said, “I heard someone next door calling another person called Master. So, maybe the old dog that lives next door to me is Chengfeng?!

“This” Issac said with some disbelief: “Master, shouldn’t Chengfeng come to Aurous Hill by himself?”

Charlie laughed: “If it isn’t Chengfeng, it might be Zynn.

“Zynn?” Issac couldn’t help but said, “Even if this guy wants to take the opportunity to get close to Ito Takehiko, he shouldn’t sneak to Shangri-La?

Issac sneered: “This is the place where his brilliant ah, Aurous Hill has always been a sphere of influence for Wade’s family. Since he was bound to come to Aurous Hill he well thought out the plan, like him who believe in a lamp black. The truth, you should know that the oil lamp that was lit in ancient times was placed on the table, just like a candle.

After the lamp is lit, although it can illuminate the entire room, it does not illuminate the small area under itself. So this small area, although away from the lamp recently, but the room has become the darkest, most hidden places he pics to live is Shangri-La, is the bet we think he could have done such a thing, this is the surprise!

With that said, Charlie said again: “If it weren’t for my hearing which is a lot better than the average person, I wouldn’t be able to detect it. If even I couldn’t detect it, it would be even more impossible for you and your subordinates to detect it, so from this point of view, he was relatively successful in doing this, and he really used his mind.

Issac hurriedly asked, “Master, if it is really Zynn, what should we do?”

Charlie sneered: ” Whether he is Zynn, he is a member of the Su family. Since it is the Su family, then It’s like a sheep’s mouth. If I don’t gnaw him off, wouldn’t I be sorry for the Su family’s aggressive and daring maneuvers?

After speaking, he immediately ordered: “The person who arranges you immediately, in the room directly below this room, Put a signal jammer, but don’t turn it on for the time being. In addition, you have to be prepared and listen to my orders. When you start the jammer, cut off the surveillance video on my floor at the same time, understand?

Issac said without hesitation “Okay young master, I understand!”

At this moment, in the next room.

Zynn sent his men away, and took a shower by himself in the bathroom. After the shower, he wrapped his bathrobe and stood in front of the mirror carefully. Using hairspray to put his hair back to the back of his head, he had already begun to figure out how to get Ito to agree to cooperate with the Su family.

This time, the Su family was suspended from the ocean shipping license. The impact was too great and the loss of income was serious. Forget it, a large number of ships cannot be started. Daily maintenance costs, depreciation costs, and lease costs are an astronomical figure. In addition, there are still a large number of seafarers and employees who need to be fed. The daily loss is calculated as 100 million.

For Zynn, this is his first turnaround since he returned from Australia. Only if he wins this battle can he let the old man look at him with admiration and win back his old man’s appreciation of himself.

So, to him, the significance is very significant.

Even he can successfully inherit the position of Su Family Patriarch and all the family assets in the future will be under his hand and he will have to look at the success or failure of all of it!