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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 268 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 268 Start

Seeing that Jacob had identified this path of no return, Charlie could only shake his head helplessly and returned to the bedroom.

When he walked into the bedroom, Claire had already taken a shower and put on lavender silk suspender pajamas.

The fragrant shoulders were like snow, the jade arms were smooth and tender, and most of her beautiful back was exposed. Charlie couldn’t help his throat dry as his eyes focused on her.

The pajamas, thin as cicada wings, neatly outline the graceful curves of her lying on her side. The skirt just covers her thighs. The two curvy legs are slightly close together, and the jade feet are round as jade.

Claire’s face was reddened by his fiery eyes, and she quickly groaned: “What are you looking at? It’s not that you haven’t seen it before, what’s so beautiful.”

Charlie smiled: “My wife, you look so beautiful, I can’t see enough.”

Claire rolled her eyes, but her beautiful eyes flashed with strange colors.

Today Charlie’s performance surprised her. Previously, she thought that Charlie would only look at Feng Shui and know a little about martial arts, but she didn’t expect him to be so brilliant.

At the critical moment, it was really unusual to be able to save the life of her best friend!

She couldn’t help asking: “Charlie, tell me why are you so powerful? Even Oliver Vincent are not your opponents.”

Charlie grinned and said: “This is a secret unless you let me k!ss, otherwise I won’t tell you.”

Claire screamed, blushing, and said, “In your dreams.”

Charlie looked at Claire’s little woman’s posture, and his heart was hot. He turned around and opened the closet to find the quilt.

But when he opened the closet, he was stunned.

The closet was empty, and the mattress he usually used to hit the floor was gone.

“Wife, where is my quilt?”

Charlie turned around and asked.

Claire recovered and said, “I just took it and washed it for you.”

Charlie was speechless for a while, and even the place to sleep was gone, and said helplessly: “I can’t sleep on the floor without a mattress, then I’ll go to the sofa.”

“Really a pig.” Claire curled her lips, took out her personal bedding from the closet, and handed it to Charlie: “You use mine.”

On the white bedding, there was still a faint fragrance, Charlie exulted, and said dryly: “Wife, you are so kind to me.”

Claire glanced at Charlie and said, “Go to sleep.”

Charlie replied, holding Claire’s private bedding, smelling the faint fragrance, and couldn’t help but feel excited.

If this continues, wouldn’t he be able to sleep with his wife soon?

At this time, Claire said to him: “I have to be busy with the studio for these two days. I just got up the matter and I have to hurry up to find some orders. You stay with my dad at home. Don’t let him go out and buy things. Those antiques, have you heard of them?”

Charlie hurriedly said: “My wife, I’ll go to help your studio? No salary, I’ll clean the table, sweep the floor, serve you tea, or something!”

Claire smiled and said: “No, the studio is still out of work. If the work goes alive, I can draw pictures and make design drafts. I don’t need your help. You can do housework at home.”