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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2675 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2675 Start

Seeing Hamid’s aggrieved look, Charlie couldn’t help but smile: “Since Commander Hamid has spoken, I’ll connect these three words later.

Hamid hugged Charlie. Then he pointed to the eight people on the opposite side and said generously: “Brother, just pick it!

After finishing speaking, he was afraid that Charlie would not be willing to borrow the donkey from the slope. He gritted his teeth and blurted out: “This way, my brother, I will give another step. You choose five!

The desire of the seven to survive in an instant increased!

Charlie looked at Hamid, smiled, and praised: “Commander Hamid is really interesting. Just at this point, you can see You should be a person of integrity and commitment. “

Hamid nodded seriously and said:” I am the person with most credit, whether it is trade and commerce, or the troops in war, we must honor the commitment that let you take five, would not have vague!

Charlie At this time, he waved his hand: “I am also the most ethical person. I have always believed that you respect me a foot and I respect you more. Therefore, among the eight people, I only need Miss Watt and the rest. Leave them to you.

The other seven people burst into tears when they heard this. The young people of Chinese descent cried and said: “Mr. Wade, everyone is a compatriot, you can’t get me into injustice!

All the other people also cried together, begging for mercy and begging constantly for rescue and help.

At this time, Melba also couldn’t see it. She pleaded: “Mr. Wade, they are indeed frogs at the bottom of the well. They have eyes but don’t know the world. I hope you don’t keep a grudge. Please try to save as many people as possible. Take them all away.

Charlie said indifferently: “Melba, things are not handled like this. I am here to save you completely for the sake of your dad. You asked me to save them. Who do you want me to save?”

Melba was ashamed. , But for the safety of friends, she still gritted her teeth and said: “Mr. Wade, please give me a face! I know this request is very abrupt, inappropriate, and self-defeating, but I still ask you to look at my face.

Save them once, Charlie shook his head and firmly refused: “I don’t give you this face because from beginning to end, these friends have never given me face at all. I am a person who has never admired foreigners or locals, those who don’t care about me. Is it an American or a Martian, as long as he doesn’t give me face, I won’t give him face?”

After speaking, he looked at Hamid, pointed at Melba, and said seriously: “I will only take her away.”

‘Grass, interesting! Hamid-stomped and blurted: “In this case, then I won’t be too nonsense. Now I will tell your men, you two can leave at will, no one can stop!”

After finishing, Hamid flashed aside, let out the door, and said, “Brother, please!”

Charlie waved his hand: “No, it’s not my villain’s heart. After all, this is your site. I have to be more cautious. The helicopter parked directly in the yard. The helicopter must not carry any ammunition. In addition, all people except the pilot must be evacuated. Then you will accompany the two of us personally. When the person picks me up, I will let you go, what do you think?”

Hamid looked embarrassed and said, “What if you change your mind when you get there? What if you kidnap me? Now the government is offering a reward of several million dollars for my head, how do I know if you get greedy?

“Do you see me greedy?” Charlie smiled helplessly, pointed to his face, and asked him with a smile: “You said that I might get greedy? I cam here fcking sitting on a Concorde airliner with more than hundreds of millions of dollars, within a few hours, all the way from China to the place where you don’t shit, will I make money for the multi-million dollar reward on your head?

Hamid swallowed his saliva and blurted out: “Concorde?! You are from the Wade family of China?!”