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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2662 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2662 Start

Charlie asked Faisal, “Don’t you have a unified language here?”

Faisal shook his head: “The unified language should be Arabic, but the composition of our opposition soldiers is more complicated, so many of us don’t speak Arabic.”

“Some of these people have lived in other countries since they were young, and some have lived in former colonial areas. so they are English or French, so the language between them is not completely smooth.”

“Like myself, I actually went to the United States with my parents when I was very young, and I took a green card and served in the U.S. Army for three years. Only a few years ago I responded to the call and came back to join the Freedom Army. So my basic Arabic It’s very poor, and basically, I only communicate in English.”

Charlie nodded. This multilingual situation is just like India. A considerable number of Indians do not speak Hindi. Even each state in India has its own official language, plus it was once a British colony. So English is also one of the official languages.

However, this kind of language confusion is relatively friendly to him. The more confused the language landscape, the easier it is for him to mix in.

So he said to Faisal: “After you go in, remember to act by chance and don’t let people see the clues.”

Faisal hurriedly said, “Please rest assured, I will give my all!”

Charlie gave a hum, pointed to the courtyard gate, and said, “Go in!”


Faisal stepped forward and pushed open the courtyard door.

In the yard at this time, more than a dozen soldiers carrying AK47s were grilling around a campfire to warm up. On the campfire, two legs of lamb were worn with wooden sticks. At this time, they were already roasted with oil and smelled really delicious.

Charlie followed Faisal in, and one of the soldiers recognized Faisal and blurted out, “Captain Faisal, would you like to have some barbecue? Ansala’s mother also made some pita bread, and it’ll be ready soon.”

Faisal waved his hand: “I won’t eat anymore, I’m here to see the hostage situation.”

As soon as the man heard this, he immediately said with a grin: “Captain Faisal, are you interested in those women? But I have to make it clear to you that the commander has given the order without his permission. No one can fool around!”

Faisal said immediately: “Don’t talk nonsense! I just come to see the situation, go back to report to the commander, and open the cellar entrance quickly!”

The man nodded hurriedly, turned to greet a soldier, and together? Bend over and opened a thick wooden board from the ground. Then, a staircase made of loess appeared under the wooden board, and the man respectfully treated Faisal. Said: “Captain, please come in!”

Faisal nodded in satisfaction, and led Charlie to the entrance. The man took out a flashlight. After turning it on, Faisal said graciously: “Captain, the stairs are not lighted and are dark. I will be in front leading the way, watch your steps!”

Faisal glanced at Charlie, and when he saw Charlie nodding to him quietly, he agreed and said, “Okay, you can lead the way!”