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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 265 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 265 Start

At this moment, Elsa was struck by lightning.

She looked at Charlie, who was full of murderous air, and her heart was terrified. At the same time, she immediately pushed him into an extremely contradictory situation.

And where did Charlie know that he had been recognized by Elsa?

After solving Oliver Vincent, the corner of his mouth still sneered.

The Oliver Vincent, the name is like martial arts, but in fact, they are just two dead dogs.

However, in Ervin Jones’s eyes, he was already looking terrified.

Oliver Vincent has been rampant on the road for many years, killing countless people with both hands, and had never suffered a defeat.

The whole Aurous Hill was frightened.

However, they so strong that the two actually died under Charlie’s two moves, which really made him unable to believe.

That being said, isn’t Mr. Wade’s strength able to top Aurous Hill?!

At this moment, Charlie glanced at the two corpses that had gradually become cold, then turned her head and saw Elsa’s expression in a trance, she seriously reminded: “Elsa, your cousin cannot hire them to kill you this time. Secondly, I suggest you be more careful these days, and it is better to hire a bodyguard to be prepared.”

Elsa looked at Charlie with an extremely complicated expression, adjusted her breathing after a while, bit her lip, and whispered: “But I will not find a suitable bodyguard for a while.”

Now Elsa is struggling with conflicting thoughts in her heart.

First, the people in her family and her cousin wanted to kill her, and then the mysterious man she fell in love with turned out to be the husband of a good girlfriend.

These two things were tortures for her, making her feel very miserable and helpless.

How did Claire know that a good girlfriend is in love with her husband?

She stepped forward and hugged her gently, patted her shoulder gently, and comforted: “Elsa, don’t worry too much. Since Charlie can fight so well, even the famous Oliver Vincent are not his opponent. You can ask him to protect you in the future. Pay attention to it at ordinary times. If you are not at ease when you go out, you can call him at any time and let him protect you!”

What Claire thought was that since her husband has this ability, it is only natural for him to protect her girlfriends.

But what she didn’t know was that a good girlfriend fell in love with her husband.

Elsa, who was on the side, was still very disappointed, but when she heard this, she burst into joy and her heart throbbed.

She did not feel depressed because the lover in her dream was Charlie or even lost her feeling for him.

On the contrary, because Charlie rescued her again today, in her mind, Charlie became the superhero who saved her twice. If it weren’t for Charlie, she would probably not escape the calamity twice!

This is also the reason why her feelings for Charlie suddenly increased much more than when she had for the mysterious person before.

Although she also knew that to fall in love with a good girlfriend’s husband was too immoral.

However, she also knew that the two were not really husband and wife. The two got married because of the insistence of Claire’s grandfather, and the two had never had any emotional foundation.

Even when she was chatting with Claire the other day, she heard from her that she and Charlie had never been married to each other, and they still slept separately. Claire slept in bed and Charlie slept on the ground.