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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2644 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2644 Start

When Charlie said that he was going to the airport, Issac subconsciously said, “Master, going now?”

Charlie blurted out: “What are you waiting for if I don’t go now? The plane is estimated to have taken off. It will arrive at Airport in less than 20 minutes. If the helicopter moves more slowly, the Concorde may arrive first.”

Issac came back to his senses and smirked awkwardly: “Yes, yes, yes, I forgot that this Concorde airliner is flying fast. Wait a moment, I will arrange the helicopter to take off.”

After speaking, Issac picked up the walkie-talkie on the table and blurted out: “The helicopter crew prepares immediately and takes off to Aurous Hill Airport in five minutes!”

Soon, Charlie heard the helicopter engine starting sound from the roof.

Issac hurriedly said, “Master, you can go!”

“Good!” Charlie stood up without hesitation and walked out of Issac’s office.

Issac’s office itself is on the top floor, and the helipad on the top of the building is directly above his office. At the entrance of his office, there is a special elevator that can rise directly to the top of the building.

Under the leadership of Issac, Charlie took the special elevator to the top of the building. The helicopter had started at this time and was ready to take off at any time.

A flight attendant opened the door of the helicopter and stood aside respectfully. Charlie stepped up without hesitation. Unexpectedly, Issac would also follow.

Charlie said: “You don’t have to see me off.”

Issac said hurriedly, “Master, I am not going to see you off, I am going to go with you!”

“Come with me?” Charlie frowned and said, “Don’t have to be so troublesome, I can do it myself.”

Issac blurted out: “No, master, you are going to Syria and you are not familiar with the place. Although your strength is unmatched, I still hope to be able to stand by your side, and if my Lady Claire calls you, I will at least can help you round up a lie.”

Seeing Issac’s insistence, Charlie didn’t refuse, and said, “Okay, let’s go together.”

Issac was overjoyed, and hurriedly sat down beside Charlie, and said to the crew: “Get off!”

The helicopter immediately climbed and galloped towards the Aurous Hill Airport.

Twenty minutes later, when the helicopter was less than ten kilometers away from the airport, Charlie saw a slender white passenger plane in the sky above him, swiftly passing by.

Unlike the arc-shaped front face of an ordinary passenger plane, the nose of this plane is a very sharp cone, and the wing is not in the shape of two open wings, but a triangular wing that is rearward. The shape of this delta wing is the kind of design style that is extremely speedy.

Issac on the side also saw the plane, and said excitedly: “Look, master, that’s the master’s Concorde! It seems that this plane has arrived before us!”

The approach speed of the Concorde airliner was nearly 400 kilometers per hour, which was much faster than the helicopter, so the helicopter was left behind in the blink of an eye.

Charlie looked at this plane full of science fiction imagery, and couldn’t help feeling in his heart. He really did not expect that such an advanced plane was a product developed decades ago.

What made him even more emotional is that the power of capital is indeed extremely powerful. The cost of this aircraft is extremely high, and the cost of modification and maintenance is higher. The cost of keeping it is faster than burning money if it is not for assets with more than one trillion. No one in the big family can afford to burn such expensive things.

A few minutes later, Charlie’s helicopter arrived at Aurous Hill Airport.

At the end of the airport runway, the Concorde plane was parked just now.

The pilot said at this moment: “Young Master, Mr. Issac, the feedback from the airport said that the Concorde is ready to take off. Let’s land directly next to the Concorde, and then board and take off immediately!”

“Okay!” Charlie nodded. He became more aware of the reasons for the success of the big family, and a large part of it was the guarantee behind the success.

Ordinary people want to go to Syria, according to the conventional route, from the moment of boarding, it takes at least 24 hours.

However, with such a complete support system, the time to arrive in Syria can be almost reduced to six hours.

The difference of eighteen hours does not seem to be a big deal in normal times. It is nothing more than the difference between a plane ticket and a green leather train ticket. But in the face of extremely important events, these eighteen hours can be a great headstart. There are too many things and too many results that can be changed.

As the helicopter descended, Charlie suddenly received a call from Pollard. As soon as the call was made, Pollard said in a panic, “Charlie…know that something serious happened to Melba… “

Charlie hurriedly asked, “Uncle, don’t worry, and speak slowly, what happened to Melba?”

Pollard blurted out: “I just received a message from a local friend that the government army’s military operation failed today. The troops they sent were encircled by the opposition. Over a thousand people were killed or injured, and nearly a hundred people are captured. Eight young Americans including Melba…”

“What?!” Charlie suddenly exclaimed, “Is the message confirmed?”

Pollard said nervously: “It has been determined…Now the government forces are preparing to launch military retaliation, but the opposition has already told the government forces and the U.S. Embassy to pay 80 million US dollars as ransom, otherwise, the eight of them including Melba will be executed!”

Charlie asked hurriedly, “Did the American Embassy declare its position?”

“I have expressed my opinion.” Pollard sighed and said: “Their spokesperson strongly condemned the actions of the opposition, and they said that they would not accept the threat of the opposition, and demanded that the opposition must release the hostages, otherwise they will launch Military offensive against them…”

Charlie’s tone couldn’t help being solemn, and said: “If this is the case, it is likely to anger the other party.”

“Yes…” Pollard gritted his teeth and cursed, “My friend knows the people in the US Embassy. They actually don’t care about the lives of these eight young people!”

“And they are not willing to pay the ransom at all, because they have made a lot of enemies in the Middle East over the years. Once this compromise is made, I don’t know how many people will follow suit, so they want to prevent this from happening again… ..”

Speaking of this, Pollard choked and said: “The opposition is also very angry at the attitude of the Embassy. They said that they will give them six hours. After six hours, one will be executed every half an hour. Melba! I… I am afraid this time it will be too bad. …”

Charlie hurriedly comforted: “Uncle Watt, don’t worry about it…”

Pollard cried bitterly and said, “Hey, how can I not worry…I am about to have a heart attack now!”

“And I really regret it! I regret making Melba naturalized at the time… She was born in the United States at the time, so she was naturally naturalized at that time. If she was a Chinese national, she would definitely return this time. There would be a turnaround…”

“It’s a pity that she and her classmates and friends are all American…”

Charlie hurriedly said: “Uncle, don’t worry, let alone not be so pessimistic. I will set off for Syria right away. I will definitely find a way to rescue your daughter. You can wait for good news from my side!”