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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2631 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2631 Start

“Everything is not good?”

Pollard heard these four words and asked subconsciously: “What does this mean?!”

The old man looked disgusted and asked, “Have you ever fortuned it? Don’t you know what these four words mean? Nothing is lucky!”

As he said, he continued very seriously: “That is to say, if you get this lottery, what you ask will be unlucky! If you ask about the relationship between husband and wife, it indicates that the man and the woman will be divided; if you ask about career money, then If you ask about your fortune, then you will definitely fall for a long time; if you ask about the safety of your loved ones, it will indicate that the other party will definitely encounter major disasters, or even do not escape!”

“What?!” After hearing these words, Pollard suddenly became anxious, and asked nervously, “Old man, is there any way you can resolve my daughter’s disaster?!”

“This…” The old man said with emotion: “If you draw another sign, I might be able to think of something, but if you draw this one, it means that this matter is too difficult!”

As he said, he changed his mind and said, “But…if I go all out and break the game, there may still be a chance!”

Pollard has been completely disrupted by the other party at this time. All he cares about is the safety of his daughter. As for the books and knowledge he has learned for so many years, it has completely no effect.

He asked nervously and earnestly: “Old Man, please help me!”

The old man chuckles when he sees him getting the bait, and says, “Since you are so sincere, then I will give it a try, but breaking this predicament will cost me too much, so you have to rejoice this time., it can be regarded as showing me your sincerity.”

Pollard doesn’t care about five thousand at all. If spending five thousand can increase the probability of his daughter’s safe return by one ten-thousandth, then he is willing to do his best to make up ten thousand five thousand to exchange for his daughter’s safety.

So, he would continue to scan the QR code to pay almost without thinking.

Charlie suddenly said at this moment: “Old Man, it doesn’t matter if money is there or not, but before you collect the money, should you tell us about the specific situation first, or what kind of method are you going to use to help solve it? , So that we know how to spend money.”

The old man didn’t expect Charlie to come out halfway to disturb his good deeds at this time, so he sneered and said: “Junior, you dare to doubt my ability?”

Charlie waved his hand: “I don’t. I dare not, I don’t doubt you, I just want to make it clear. This is the same as repairing a car. Although we don’t know how to repair it, but where it’s broken, what parts need to be replaced, what do you want? Tell us first.”

The old man sneered: “Huh! I have a way to get rid of this predicament. I can use the Five Emperor’s Money to divination, find out the specific crisis his daughter is facing, and break the ban with magic charms, and even use it too much. This gentleman is anxious to save her. Each solution consumes different energy and the corresponding price is also different.”

Charlie smiled and nodded.

He remembered that there were also records about divination in the Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures, which did use ancient coins for divination, but the records did not say that the five emperors money should be used, but that the real ancient coins should be used. And the older the effect, the better.

As for the theory of the Five Emperors Money, it only emerged in modern times. They often refer to the coins of the Qin, Han, Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties as the Five Emperors Money. Although the author of the Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures is nowhere to be tested, it is judged based on the age of the porcelain vase at that time. This book was also written by someone in Tang Dynasty at the latest, and the earliest version of the Five Emperors’ Money had to come from Ming Chao, so the ancient coin divination method recorded in it should be much earlier than the Five Emperors’ method, and it can even be said. It is the ancestor of the five emperor money theory.

So Charlie deliberately asked him: “What can you tell with the five emperor money? Or else, you make a divination first. If you do well, I will give you ten thousand!”

The old man said immediately: “Okay! Then I will let you see and watch!”

After that, he took out a string of copper coins from his pocket, on which were hanging five coins of different dynasties.

Afterwards, he untied the red string, held the five copper coins in his palm and shook for a moment, and said coldly, “Boy, look good!”

After finishing speaking, he threw five coins out, stared at the coins on the ground, and said with a shocked expression: “This hexagram shows that your daughter will have blood and light in the near future. If you don’t intervene in time, I’m afraid it will become a disaster. !”