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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 263 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 263 Start

In the next second, everyone felt that there was a flower in front of them, and the figure of the white-clothed man turned into a phantom and punched Charlie at the door.

As the white-clothed man punched, a wave of air was set off around him, forcing the rain around him to disperse backward involuntarily.

Wherever his fist wind passed, all the rain turned into steam.

“This is killing people!”

Ervin Jones was horrified and turned around to go under the car.

Elsa, who had just been pulled into the car by Claire, was so scared that she held her breath and was extremely nervous, for fear that her savior would die here because of her.

Although Claire was also very nervous, she felt that Charlie would surely be able to turn the bad into the good.

At this moment, Charlie looked at the white-clothed man with a cold face.

He did not see the white-clothed man’s offensive in his eyes at all, but when he got close in front of him, he grasped the white-clothed man’s fist and twisted it one hundred and eighty degrees!

There was a crackling of joints, accompanied by the violent howl of the white-clothed man, the entire palm was completely dislocated and deformed, the bones and veins were all broken, and the entire wrist was limply drooping.

“Big Brother!”

The big man on the ground screamed suddenly.

Charlie didn’t look at it and stepped on him again with one foot.


The sturdy man’s chest suddenly collapsed deeply, swallowing a few mouthfuls of muddy water, followed by a few mouthfuls of blood, and then, his body shook a few times, and there is no movement.

“Second brother!” The white-clothed man was about to collapse at this time, his eyes were splitting, revealed fierce light, and a burst of energy broke out all over his body.

The white-clothed man squeezed his right hand into an eagle’s claw, and an afterimage swayed in the air. There were dozens of hand shadows in the air, and the crowd couldn’t distinguish between the real and the false.

Charlie didn’t move.

The white-clothed man’s eyes showed a glare, and he suddenly pointed to Charlie’s eyeball!

This finger condenses his whole body’s energy, be sure to kill the enemy with one blow!

Poke in Charlie’s eye socket, directly pierced the eyeball, pierced his finger deep into the eye socket, and pierced his brain!

And the inner strength on the fingers can directly shatter Charlie’s head like a watermelon!

Charlie stood coldly and suddenly laughed.


He casually slapped it. No one knew, he had an aura in his palm. This slap was more fierce than a car crash!


With a movemnt of his hands, Charlie slapped the white-clothed man to the ground with a slap like a dog!

There was silence all around!

Claire rubbed her eyes vigorously, almost unable to believe it.

Ervin Jones was also stunned.

These two are really “Oliver Vincent”?

This strength is a bit inconsistent with rumors!

In the legend, the most powerful boss was slapped to the ground by Charlie?

How is this possible?

The white-clothed man collapsed to the ground, unable to get up anymore, his heart was terribly shocked.