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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2622 Free Novel

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Charlie smiled and said at this time: “As far as I know, it seems that their government and opposition forces have been fighting very close together, and their government forces are short of money, food, weapons, and ammunition. They must have been inadequate training all the year-round, and their combat level. It must be very low. In this case, only a few soldiers have been sent to protect your safety. Then I guess it is basically useless, and you are also unarmed high-achieving students. If something, an accident happens, you will even have the chance to escape. No.”

Melba replied hesitantly: “This…I don’t think it should be that serious…”

Charlie smiled and said, “That’s just what you think. If something really happens, it won’t matter how you think it is.”

As he said, he remembered something, and said, “I heard that mercenaries are very popular in the turbulent place in the Middle East. You can hire dozens of well-equipped and well-trained mercenaries to protect your safety throughout the process. , So your safety will be more guaranteed.”

Melba embarrassedly said: “The cost of mercenaries is too high. We have consulted the Blackwater Company in the United States. On the front line in Syria, their mercenaries’ salary requirements are all settled on a daily basis. A person’s daily cost is only two thousand US dollars, and this The cost of any weapons and equipment is not included. The cost of ammunition has to be calculated separately. If they need to be equipped with vehicles, the price is ridiculously high. Our budget is very tight and we can’t afford mercenaries.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Look, you can figure it out right now. What is the significance of the 20 million dollars I promised you just now!”

“As long as you return home to help me, 20 million dollars can be given to your team.”

“If a mercenary needs two thousand dollars a day, your team can hire twenty mercenaries, which is only forty thousand dollars a day.”

“Even if your team members have to stay there for half a year, if you calculate it at $40,000 a day, it will be $6 million.”

“Plus the cost of renting some armored vehicles, the ten million dollars will definitely stop.”

“The remaining 10 million US dollars, you can all put into the shooting, only you can use the best photography equipment, the best aerial photography equipment, and even the local armed men with AK47 when conflicts break out on the ground, your team can spend money to rent an American mercenary gunship, and take you to shoot from the perspective of God in the sky. The effect of that shot will surely shock the world!”

Melba was obviously a little tempted, but she still hesitated to say: “What you say is really reasonable, but… But when we set out, a few of us have already said that we must live and die together, and advance and retreat together. If I leave at this time, it will be a violation of our original agreement…”

Charlie smiled and said, “Don’t have such a strong psychological burden. You are like a few friends driving a broken car to cross the desert. Now because there is no oil, they have broken down in the middle of no man’s land. Scarce, you people can’t stay in the car and consume it together. You have to send someone out to find gasoline so that everyone can have a chance to live.”

“Although this person got out of the car and left the team, she will be able to bring back enough gasoline for the car and save other passengers, better vehicles and equipment, and various supplies can let them move forward better, faster, and safer. Don’t you think this is a good choice? Especially for those who are still in the car, it greatly improves their survival security. “

“So, I think you can discuss it with your companions. I believe they will also think that this is a very good deal!”