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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 260 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 260 Start

Claire hurriedly took the umbrella and pushed the door to get off.

Seeing this, Charlie hurriedly ran after her.

“Elsa, what happened?”

Claire ran to ask when she got out of the car.

“Claire? Why are you here?” Elsa shivered under the rain, suddenly raised her head, just to see Claire.

She looked surprised and extremely embarrassed, as if she didn’t want to be seen by her girlfriends in such embarrassed manner.

Claire held an umbrella for Elsa and said at the same time: “I happened to pass by with Charlie. I saw you. What’s wrong with you?”

Elsa said annoyedly: “Don’t mention it, the company asked me to run sales and gave me a car. I came out to see the customer today. Before I could meet the customer, the tire got punctured! And I just looked at it and it seems that the other got punctured too, I’m so angry!”

Charlie was a little puzzled.

It is normal to drive with one tire out of function to some distance.

However, under normal circumstances, sharp objects such as nails or iron wires are accidentally pressed, so in general, only one tire must be punctured.

If both tires are punctured at the same time, it feels a bit wrong.

So he said to Elsa: “The rain is getting heavier, and it is not safe for you to stay here alone. It is better to go back to the city with our car first, and leave your car here, wait for the rain to stop and call for help to drag it back.”

Elsa nodded, sighed and said, “It can only be this way.”

Charlie was taking her back to the car. At this moment, she heard a sound of breaking through the sky very keenly!

She immediately saw a silver light bursting through the air in the heavy rain!

Moreover, this silver light came straight to Elsa!

Charlie didn’t even think about it, and instantly stretched out his hand and pulled Elsa into his arms.

At the same time, just hearing the sound of “dang”, a sharp flying knife was pierced on the front cover of the Mercedes-Benz!

The blade is as thin as a willow leaf, sharp and shiny, and it is still “buzzing”!

The front cover of the car is made of hard metal, but this extremely thin throwing knife is cut in half like tofu!

There was silence all around, and the eyes of several people were fixed on the flying knife.

Fortunately, Charlie was able to save her in time. The flying knife that came straight to Elsa’s temple brushed Elsa’s cheeks. The sharp blade cut off a few hairs of her. It was really thrilling!

Even if Elsa came from a famous family and had experienced many storms, she couldn’t help screaming when she saw this suddenly.

Immediately afterwards, another cold light attacked by two knives, Charlie frowned, held Elsa and turned around, flashing the two life-threatening knives in an instant.

This flying knife is full of vigor, if it weren’t for the protection of the exercises in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, it would be impossible to save Elsa at this time, or to protect himself even!

Elsa was also stunned!

Unexpectedly, in Aurous Hill, someone wanted her life!

What she didn’t expect was that it was Charlie who rescued her twice!

At this moment, Charlie hugged Elsa, raised his head coldly, and looked into the rain curtain.

He saw an off-road vehicle parked not far away. A person in the vehicle was looking at him dumbfounded, as if he did not expect to rescue Elsa from his throwing knife.

“Who is the kid, dare to spoil the good things of my brothers!”

In the off-road vehicle, two figures came down.

The two men were full of murderous aura and walked towards Charlie.