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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2587 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2587 Start

Seeing Charlie came, Qin Gang was first to stand up and respectfully said: “!! Master leaves you to come and we are when it comes to You”

Charlie smiled and said: “I heard, you said a little later I drink a few glasses to keep it?”

Qin hastily laughed: “You really want to drink a few glasses, but certainly did not want to fill you mean.”

Charlie smiled, then said to Father Song said: “Mr. Song, how have you been recently?”

Father Song nodded respectfully said: “Mr. Wade, thanks to you, my decrepit body is in very good shape.”

Charlie nodded. At this moment, Ito Takehiko beckoned to Charlie and said respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Wade, we meet again!”

Charlie already guessed Ito Takehiko somehow here, however, the natural surface was normal and he pretended to be very surprised and said: “Oh, it is Mr. Ito, I did not think you were here.”

Then, Charlie looks to his side and Ito, smiled and said: “Ms. Ito, and Mr. Tanaka are also here.”

Megumi Ito quickly stood up, gave a ninety bow, and said: “Hello Mr. Wade!”

Without his lower limbs, Tanaka could only put his hands together and said, “Hello, Mr. Wade!”

Charlie nodded slightly, not far from the Warnia to chat with Nanako, blushed slightly and said: “! Charlie!”

Charlie looked at Nanako, and saw that she was still soft and watery, and said with a smile: “Nanako, I have heard Warnia say that you are coming to Aurous Hill for a concert, but I didn’t expect you to come so early.”

Nanako said shyly, “Charlie, I just happened to be not that busy recently, so I wanted to take this opportunity to come to Aurous Hill to relax and take a break.”

Charlie nodded, smiled, and asked her: “how not tell me ahead of time before coming?”

Nanako pursed her mouth, and said in a low voice, “I…I…I wanted to give you a little surprise, so I didn’t say anything, please don’t be angry… “

Charlie laughed: “how could it be, but next time you may consider telling me in advance, that time I would prepare to give you a welcoming dinner.”

Nanako quickly said: “Ok, next time I will tell you in advance!”

Charlie nodded, aside Warnia said with a smile: “? Mr. Wade, do you think we do not want to take a seat now.”

“Okay.” Charlie said with a smile: “I’m sorry to let you wait for me for so long. The journey was from a bit far away. I just happened to see my father-in-law.”

Father Song then stood up, smiled, and said: “We were just talking about you, as you arrived here.”

Charlie laughed: “Mr. Song, you are the master, of course, that you have to be seated first.”

Father Song would like to shirk, but Charlie insisted: “Come, sit down at your main seat up, you are sitting next to me.”

Seeing Father Song did not refuse, quickly said: “I will follow whatever you order Mr. Wade.”

At this time, Aoxue, who had just splashed her face with cold water, also came out of the bathroom. Seeing Charlie coming, she immediately ran to the front with excitement, and said excitedly, “Master, you are here!”

Charlie looked at her and nodded and smiled: “Aoxue is also here.”

“. Yes,” Aoxue happy to say: “Nanako brought me an Akita dog, I came here to pick it.”

Then, she blushed and said: “Mr. Wade, do you want to play with it?”

Qin Gang blurted out and scolded: “Aoxue! Didn’t you see that everyone is going to eat at the table? You know you are fooling around, and sit down next to me.”