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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2583 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2583 Start

When Jacob broke his leg with Meiqing on the riverside, Charlie was only the last few kilometers away from Song’s manor in the outskirts of the City.

At this time, in the banquet hall of the Song Family Manor, the father and daughter of the Ito family, Emi Ito and Koichi Tanaka, were accompanied by Warnia, chatting with Mr. Song.

Although the Song family’s cooperation with Nippon Steel relied on Charlie to cure Nippon Steel’s chairman Shinwa Watanabe, it was also thanks to Ito Takehiko’s matchmaking.

Moreover, after Warnia had an accident in Japan and was rescued by Charlie, it was also thanks to the care of the Ito family.

Therefore, Mr. Song was very kind to the guests of Ito’s house.

As for Nanako, she was busy chatting with Warnia and it was all the whispers between women. The two kept whispering, often laughing out of control as if they were good sisters.

And the Akita dog that Nanako brought was lying on her feet obediently, staring curiously everywhere with round eyes.

Just in time, Qin Gang took Aoxue his daughter, and Charlie arrived at Song’s house one step at a time.

As soon as the father and daughter entered the banquet hall, Warnia hurriedly got up and waved to Aoxue, “Aoxue, come here!”

Aoxue saw Warnia and Nanako, and quickly waved at them.

Seeing Nanako, Aoxue felt a little bit embarrassed in her heart. After all, she inadvertently injured Nanako very badly in the previous game. In addition, she was a lot weaker than Nanako. Charlie’s pill was only able to counterattack, so she felt even more ashamed.

Immediately afterward, she saw the Akita lying at Nanako’s feet. She was immediately attracted by the puppies’ naive appearance and screamed, “Wow! Is it Momotaro?! My goodness, it’s so amazing. So cute!!!”

As she said, she ran over.

Her bluff attracted everyone’s attention.

Qin Gang suddenly said with a little embarrassment to Old Man Song and the rest of the Ito family: “Sorry everyone, this girl has no rules and always makes a fuss…”

After speaking, he was about to reprimand Aoxue twice, but Aoxue had already run to the Akita dog, squatting down and reaching out to tease the dog.

Qin Gang shook his head helplessly, and Mr. Song said with a smile at this moment: “Mr. Qin Gang, come and sit down and let me introduce you to Mr. Ito from the Japanese Ito family.”

Qin Gang hurried forward and shook hands with everyone in the Ito family one by one, and said apologetically, “I’m really sorry for just now. The little girl likes to tease cats and dogs all day long. Please bear with her.”

Ito Xiuhiko smiled and said, “Mr. Qin doesn’t have to be so polite. Little girls are like this. Your Aoxue is about the same age as our Nanako. Although they are in their early twenties, they are still little girls. I can’t understand this state better.”

Qin Gang nodded and smiled: “Indeed, the children of our two families are all about the same age, and they both love martial arts. Hey, sometimes I get worried. You said this little girl doesn’t like piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting. They like dancing knives and guns, kicking sandbags at home every day, and kicking two of them a week, do you think you can stand this…”

Takehiko Ito smiled and said, “I used to like to supervise children. Not only did they let them learn martial arts, but also let them learn piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and even tea ceremony flower arrangement. I always wanted to cultivate her into a real fine lady.”

Speaking of this, Ito Xiuhiko sighed, and said, “But now I think about it. As long as the child is happy and doesn’t go wrong, it’s enough. Let her explore the rest. .”

“Yes.” Qin Gang nodded and said with a smile, “I can’t control her now, so I don’t bother to control her either.”

Here, Aoxue’s attention was almost completely attracted by the Akita dog.