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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2582 Free Novel

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Thinking of this, Jacob could only say with a sad look: “Okay, since you want to run, then I must accompany you!”

“That’s great!” Meiqing hurriedly said, “Then you go out first, I’ll get dressed quickly and we will set off immediately!”

“Okay…” Jacob, who was so depressed, could only agree, turned around with a sullen expression, and left the door.

This bedroom, in his eyes, was the tender hometown he had been away from for nearly 30 years.

But now, he can only stand outside the door, waiting for Meiqing to change clothes inside.

The key is that after she changes clothes, she has to take him to run…

Depressed, Jacob sighed, covering his face with one hand, and holding his head with the other, before squatting down at the door of Meiqing’s bedroom.

When he squatted down, he was still wondering: “Where is the problem? Is it possible that millet porridge really has such a magical effect?!”

Three minutes later, the bedroom door opened.

Meiqing stepped out. At this time, she put on a full set of tight running clothes and tied her long hair in a ponytail. She looked like a fifty-year-old woman, and there were many people who said she was thirty, and later seemed true.

She saw Jacob actually squatting on the ground and hurriedly asked, “Jacob, why are you squatting here for?”

Jacob quickly stood up and said awkwardly, “It’s okay, I’ll rest for a while…”

After that, he took a closer look at Meiqing, who was wearing tights, and that perfect figure almost made him see his eyes off.

He really didn’t expect that Meiqing would still maintain such a good figure after being so old.

Because this kind of tights is very revealing of the pros and cons of the body, if the body has a little fat, you can see clearly under this kind of tights.

But Meiqing’s figure can hardly fault her.

Seeing Jacob in a daze, Meiqing felt a little bit ashamed, but she didn’t care too much, and hurriedly said, “Let’s go out, I’m almost out of the heat!”

Jacob could only nod angrily and followed her downstairs.

The villa area where she lives is not far from the riverside. After going out from the front door of the community, after passing a green area and crossing a road, you will be directly on the riverside road.

Over the years, the state has been encouraging people to strengthen physical exercise. Therefore, the City built a 20-kilometer-long road along the riverside, half of which was a track paved with rubber particles, specifically for citizens to run.

Meiqing lives here since she moved here, and basically, she has to run a lap every day. The reason why she has such a good figure is that she has continued to exercise for decades.

On the other hand, Jacob, although his body is not bad, is the standard of an ordinary middle-aged person. He rarely exercises. Apart from drinking tea, bead beads, and walnuts, the biggest exercise is to chat with others in the Calligraphy and Painting Association. , The lips are more neat than the legs.

Therefore, as soon as he ran with Meiqing, he was a little out of breath and couldn’t keep up within three minutes.

But on the other hand, Meiqing is almost as if she was beaten up. With such a small amount of exercise, let alone panting, there is no change in her complexion.

Soon, Jacob really couldn’t hold it anymore, panting and saying, “Beautiful…Meiqing…that…that…I really…… I really can’t run, let’s… shall we rest for a while?”

Not only did Meiqing not feel tired, but she felt that she hadn’t even begun to enter the state.

So she hurriedly said: “Jacob, why don’t you walk slowly by yourself, I will run for a while and then come back to find you? I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I feel that my strength is useless, I can only rely on two The legs are exhausted, so I can’t stop at all…”

Jacob gritted his teeth and said, “Then…then I will be with you…”

After speaking, he quickly used the strength of the milk and followed desperately…