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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2579 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2579 Start

Seeing Meiqing promised to send her to the bedroom, Jacob was so excited that he bloomed.

Ever since Meiqing came back, he has been looking forward to having the opportunity to relive his old dream with her, and today is finally beginning to look forward to.

On weekdays, Meiqing is beautiful and dignified, and very independent. It is not easy to approach such a woman.

But Jacob knew in his heart that no matter how strong a woman’s heart was, she would immediately become soft who needed a man’s protection as long as she was sick for a lifetime.

At this time, no matter how powerful a woman is, she will remove her defenses.

Jacob graciously helped Meiqing into the elevator of the villa until he reached the third floor.

After Meiqing directed Jacob to send her into the bedroom, she lay on the bed with the help of Jacob.

Jacob graciously helped her put two pillows behind her so that she could comfortably lean against the soft head of the bed.

After Meiqing lay down, she said weakly to Jacob, “Jacob, I’m still very cold. Please help me cover the quilt.”

Jacob said earnestly: “Meiqing, you have a high fever right now. It’s definitely not good to be wrapped in a blanket. It is not conducive to dissipating heat. Maybe your body temperature will get higher and higher.”

Meiqing nodded, and said helplessly: “But I really feel very cold now, from head to toe, the whole person has been swaying non-stop, please help me to cover the quilt…”

Jacob sighed and said, “Let’s do it, I’ll cover the quilt for you first to keep you warm, and then I’ll go to the bathroom to put a jar of warm water for you while keeping the water while feeding you something. You’ll take a bath in the bathtub in a while.”

Meiqing asked suspiciously, “Can I take a bath if I have a fever?”

“Of course.” Jacob said: “Fever is actually the most important thing to cool down. Taking a warm bath can quickly help you cool down your body temperature and relieve fatigue to a great extent! Trust me, I won’t harm you.”

What Jacob said is also the truth. Whether it is an adult or a child, taking a bath can effectively lower the body temperature in the case of fever, but it depends on the situation. If the body is too weak, it is naturally inappropriate.

Jacob asked Meiqing to take a bath, on the one hand, out of concern, on the other hand, he also thought that he could draw the distance between the two closer, and even make a final breakthrough.

After all, if a weak woman wants to take a bath, he must help her before and after. In that case, it is definitely the best time to launch a further offensive.

At this time, Meiqing didn’t think too much, she just felt that it was too uncomfortable. She was suffering from the bone-to-shoulder cold that can only be felt when she had a fever, and she was also suffering from various discomforts caused by the high fever. She was very painful. Seems to make some sense, so he nodded and said, “Thank you, Jacob…”

Jacob said diligently: “Oh, you are welcome, you wait, I will put the water for you first.”

After that, Jacob hurried to the bathroom, opened the mixing valve of the bathtub, and tested the water temperature, and found no problem. He quickly got out of the bathroom and said to Meiqing on the bed: “Meiqing, I’ll feed you first. Eat something, it will make you resistant!”

Meiqing nodded weakly and said, “I have a fever, and I don’t seem to have any appetite or taste anymore. Or you can feed me two bites of millet porridge.”

“Okay!” Jacob hurriedly said: “Millet porridge is rich in carbohydrates. This kind of time can replenish energy, and the most important thing is that it also nourishes the stomach. It is most suitable for sick patients. You don’t know, to buy this bowl of millet. I ran to several restaurants.”

Meiqing said touchedly, “Jacob, I made you bother…”

“It should be!” Jacob quickly opened the lunch box containing the millet porridge and took out the soup spoon given by the restaurant. He first took a spoonful by himself, took a bite, and said, “Well, the temperature is right. Come, Meiqing, eat more while it’s hot!”