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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2576 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2576 Start

Meiqing said, “I just measured it and it was 39.2 degrees. I took the anti-fever medicine, but it didn’t work.”

When Jacob heard that it was more than thirty-nine degrees, he was even more distressed. He proactively bent down and pressed his forehead against Meiqing’s forehead. After feeling for a moment, he blurted out: “Your forehead is really hot, or you Go and sit on the sofa first. I’ll get you a wet towel.”

Meiqing said embarrassedly, “That’s really too much trouble for you, Jacob…”

Jacob said solemnly, “Are you still being so polite with me? Do you remember that when I was in college, I had a fever and couldn’t go to class in the dormitory? You took the initiative to skip class and came over the wall to the boys’ dormitory and took care of me for a day. .”

When Meiqing heard this, her expression immediately became extremely ashamed.

She naturally remembered the past that Jacob said.

Because that time, it was far more than just Jacob’s illness and fever.

At that time, the two were in love, but the college students at that time were relatively simple, so they only held hands occasionally, or gave a gentle hug on the riverside where no one was there.

Apart from this, there was basically no further development.

But that time when Jacob was seriously ill, Meiqing was really worried, so she sneaked into the boys’ dormitory and took care of him in every possible way.

At that time, there were only two of them in the male dormitory. They were originally lovers in love, and suddenly they had such a good opportunity to be alone. Moreover, Meiqing took care of Jacob. Naturally, the two of them were in close contact with each other, so they came and went. Let the atmosphere heat up infinitely.

The two were alone for a few hours in that heart-pounding state. Jacob’s body temperature gradually dropped, but the temperature of affection between the two continued to increase.

Jacob was also a passionate young man at the time, so he didn’t hold it all at once, so he took advantage of that perfect opportunity to use his body that had just recovered from his illness to take away Meiqing’s first time.

Of course, although Meiqing was half pushing and half pulling, but deep down is also completely voluntary.

Although Jacob has nothing to do, he is okay and loves to brag and do, but in his bones, he is actually a boring character.

Now suddenly mentioning the past in a serious manner, just deliberately trying to draw the atmosphere to it.

In his opinion, the best thing is to reproduce the atmosphere in the boys’ dormitory back in this villa. That would be great for him.


As soon as he said this, Meiqing’s pale complexion suddenly turned ruddy!

After all, Meiqing is a woman. At this time, she was naturally ashamed and intolerable and recalling the past that year, the unforgettable scenes in the depths of her memory, unconsciously surfaced in her own mind.

However, she is embarrassed to give any positive response. After all, this kind of thing is indeed a bit too ambiguous.

Jacob was actually holding back a little bit of badness in his heart. He deliberately brought up the past, just to see Meiqing’s embarrassment.

Because in his opinion, the more shy Meiqing is, the more proof that she still loves him deeply in her heart.

Seeing Meiqing not speaking, he hurriedly laughed and asked, “Meiqing, why are you not talking? Did you forget the period when you went to the dormitory to take care of me? Would you like me to help you carefully recall the memories?”

Meiqing was ashamed and anxious, and said hurriedly, “You…didn’t you say to wet the towel for me? Go quickly…”