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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2574 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2574 Start

Charlie responded, went back to the room to change clothes, and came to the garage. Jacob was already anxiously gearing up on the co-pilot.

Charlie sat in and asked him, “Dad, are you really going to have dinner with President Pei tonight?”

Jacob waved his hand: “No, I have something delicious with him. This guy has been following my but.t to fawn on me, and I don’t even bother to care about him.”

Charlie asked curiously, “Then which one are you singing?”

Jacob hurriedly said: “Just now, your Aunt Meiqing said on WeChat that she seemed to have a fever. It happened that Paul went on a business trip again. Your Aunt Meiqing was not taken care of at home, so I wanted to buy some medicine quickly and buy something to eat and take it over.”

Charlie was taken aback, and immediately asked: “Are you going to Aunt Meiqing’s house?”

“Yes.” Jacob nodded and blurted out: “You drive me over quickly, and then we two will be busy.”

Charlie didn’t think much, he Even nodded and said, “Where is Aunt Meiqing’s house? I’ll see you there first.”

Jacob immediately handed the phone to Charlie and said, “Here, this is the location, Meilun Villa District.”

Charlie glanced at it. This location was in the same direction as Warnia’s house, and not too far away, so he started the car and drove Jacob away from the house.

On the way, Jacob directed Charlie to buy some anti-fever medicine at the pharmacy, and then directed him to drive to the door of an authentic local restaurant.

As soon as the car stopped at the entrance of the restaurant, Jacob hurriedly said, “Charlie, you are waiting for me in the car!”

After speaking, he couldn’t wait to push the door down.

Seeing this, Charlie said hurriedly: “Dad, I’ll go, you sit in the car and rest.”

As soon as Jacob heard this, he said: “Then please help me buy some duck siu mai, and also a pickled Tuk fresh and a millet porridge.”

Charlie nodded, pushed the door and got out of the car, and entered the restaurant.

He suddenly felt a little worried when he headed out with the packed food.

The old man is going to Meiqing’s house.

But Paul is now on a business trip, and Meiqing must be at home alone, and she is now sick again. The old man is going to take care of her at this time. Whether it is real or fake, he is not sure.

In case, if something is taken care of, it might be difficult to end.

Thinking of this, he simply took out a rejuvenating pill from his pocket, scraped off a little powder with the key, and melted it into the millet porridge.

It is estimated that if Han Meiqing drank this bowl of millet porridge, the ordinary headache and brain fever would definitely be fine on the spot.

The main reason why Charlie did this was to prevent something that shouldn’t happen between the old man and her tonight.

He didn’t worry about Han Meiqing’s character, but he was very worried about the concentration of the old man, and how determined Han Meiqing was when she was sick.

In case the old father-in-law is taking care of her while thinking about it, and Han Meiqing is physically ill, and still somewhat dependent on Jacob psychologically, if the old father-in-law takes the initiative, maybe she will let him take advantage of the void and enter.

Although Charlie also hopes that Jacob will one day be married to his lover, but he has not divorced Elaine after all. If he is really cheated in marriage and is known by Elaine, then the family will definitely be furious. Claire and himself have no good life.

Therefore, Charlie can only hope that Han Meiqing will immediately recover after drinking this bowl of millet porridge.

In that way, if the old man, really moved his eyes, at least there would be no chance to get in…