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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 257 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 257 Start

Hearing Jacob said this, everyone else looked incredulous.

Elaine asked in surprise: “You said that someone really wants to spend 300,000 on this ragged thing? It’s such a ragged thing, I don’t think it can sell for fiftys.”

Jacob said triumphantly: “Why would I lie to you for? If you don’t believe me, read the chat log!”

As he said, he opened the WeChat chat record, and a person named Ervin sent him a voice before.

Jacob clicked on the voice, and Ervin Jones’s voice came out: “Uncle Willson, your pen holder is a good thing! I think it is a Qing Dynasty object. Otherwise, I will give you 300,000, and you will sell it to me. Come on!”

Elaine was surprised and said: “Oh my god! It’s true! Mr. Willson, you are great, you are good at it! you bought it for 5,000 and sell it for 300,000!”

Jacob hummed, and asked with a sullen face: “Have you taken it? I’ll ask you if you have taken it?”

“I’ve taken it!” Elaine herself is a master who sees money, and money is her father and grandfather. As soon as she heard that it could sell for 300,000, she immediately forgot what she had just said and said with a smile: ” My husband has developed his skills too! Very powerful! It seems that Charlie is the worst in our family!”

Charlie’s face is green, he said to himself, “What the h*ll it has to do with me? Don’t forget to bring me in too at this time? Do you know the money he made by dumping the medicine? I made the medicine?”

It seems that if he finds an opportunity to ask that Ervin Jones, which of the tendons did not fit well? Didn’t this make it clear that the father-in-law was spending money?

Jacob handed the pen holder to Charlie with excitement at this time, and said, “Charlie, tomorrow you take the pen holder and go to the Antique Street to find Ervin Jones. He will prepare 300,000 cash for you, and you will bring it back to me. “

Charlie nodded hurriedly: “I know Dad.”

Jacob said with satisfaction: “You, you will go to the antique literary circle with me more in the future, maybe someday you will be like me, and you will have a sharp eye. When the time comes, let’s pick up the leaks together. Can’t you make a fortune?”

Charlie could only agree with his mouth, but what he thought was, if you don’t do business all the time, how much trouble has he caused, and still calmly asked him to learn from? Why don’t you think about it, in Jiqingtang, you smashed someone’s antique vase. If I hadn’t helped you repair it, you would have been in jail for the family to sue, and you still have a little memory?

But then Charlie thought about it, father-in-law is just an old naughty boy. He does everything like a real person all day long, but it’s useless to say that he doesn’t work, let him just feel good about himself.

Early the next morning, Jacob happily called Charlie, and said directly: “Charlie, you quickly take the pen holder to find Ervin Jones, he has the cash ready!”

Charlie nodded and asked, “Dad, aren’t you going?”

Jacob said: “I’m going to the Calligraphy and Painting Association in the morning. They invited me to a meeting and let me join! After joining the meeting, there are a lot of good things about internal auctions of paintings and calligraphy, and many omissions can be picked up!”

Charlie said helplessly, “Well, I’ll go to the Antique Street to find Ervin Jones.”

Now that Jacob had confessed, Charlie was going to go to Antique Street to find Ervin Jones.

Claire just took a break today, and was boring when she was idle, and said: “Charlie, I will also follow you.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Just right, drive the car.”

Claire said, “Go ahead, I don’t want to drive anymore.”