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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2566 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2566 Start

“This, I’m not good.” Dan said truthfully: “The other party’s fate is too strong, I can’t see through.”

With a somewhat unconvincing attitude, Chengfeng asked, “Is this man better than me?!”

Dan nodded and solemnly said: “This kind of fate is the most powerful. It is described as strong and invincible in two words. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to beat him in fate!

While Chengfeng was horrified, he couldn’t help but mutter in his heart: “I have always suspected that Zhiyu and Liona are likely to be still alive, and it is very likely that they were saved by the mysterious expert in Japan. Now, what is the old man saying? The dragon came into the world, could it be that he was talking about?!”

Thinking of this, Chengfeng felt a panic in his heart. If all this was as he had guessed, then this mysterious expert would definitely become himself, and even the enemy of the Su family!

In a panic, he suddenly thought of Regnar, and hurriedly asked the butler Anson: “Where is Regnar Wu? Is he here?!”

Anson hurriedly said, “Master, Regnar has come. I have arranged for him to rest in the living room and wait for your instructions.”

Chengfeng blurted out, “Quick! Call Regnar over!”

Anson hurriedly said, “OK Lord, I will!”

After Anson left, Chengfeng said to Dan: “Uncle Mai, this Regnar is the patriarch of a large family in Suzhou. Some time ago, something very strange happened to their family…”

With that, Chengfeng explained Wu Qi’s glorious deeds to Dan.

After hearing this, Dan looked terrified and blurted out, “Is there really such a thing?!”

“Yeah!” Chengfeng said, “I didn’t fcuking believe it at first, but after watching the video, I believed it. It’s so fcuking disgusting!”

Dan frowned and analyzed: “According to common sense, even if a person undergoes some changes and is psychologically devastated, his seizures should be random. It is impossible to have such a strict uniform frequency… ….”

“Yeah!” Chengfeng said, “That’s why I suspect that 80% of the people behind this are ghosts! But Regnar hasn’t found out by himself, so I want Uncle Mai to show him and see if you can find any clues. , Can these clues be merged and unified.”

Dan nodded lightly and said, “I will try it!”

At this time, Anson walked in with Regnar.

Chengfeng immediately greeted Regnar and said, “Mr. Wu, this is the famous Feng Shui master in the United States, Dan Mai!”

Regnar respectfully said, “Hello, Master Mai!”

Dan nodded slightly at him, and then went straight to the topic: “Mr. Wu, has your son’s situation improved?”

Regnar shook his head and sighed: “There is no improvement, it’s still the same as before.”

Dan said, “In this way, you can bring him here and let the old man take a look.”

Regnar was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Master Mai, wait for a while, and I will inform the family and ask them to send the boy here!”

Zynn hurriedly pulled him aside and said, “Mr. Wu, remember to tell your family to let him eat before letting your son go out. Don’t let him have an attack in front of Mr. Dan!”

Regnar said embarrassingly, “OK President Su, don’t worry!”

Having said that, he hurried to the side, took out his mobile phone, and called the housekeeper.

Ten minutes later, a helicopter slowly landed in the courtyard of the lakeside villa. Wu Qi, who had just finished eating, was helped by his brother Roger and walked off the helicopter.

Anson handed Wu Qi a mask and a bottle of mouth wash, and instructed: “Chew this bottle of mouthwash, don’t leave anyone, then put on the mask and go in!”

Knowing that the other party disliked him, Wu Qi was depressed and did not dare to delay any time. He hurriedly opened the bottle and poured the whole bottle into his mouth.

After gurgling hard for a long time, until the cheeks hurt, Anson greeted: “Hurry up and put on the mask and follow me in!”

Wu Qi could only put on a mask obediently and walked into the villa with his brother Roger…