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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2565 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2565 Start

“Dragon came to the world?”

Chengfeng’s expression was horrified, but at the same time, he had some doubts.

He murmured in his heart: “What kind of dragon came to this world, this word doesn’t feel reliable!”

However, he soon thought that Dan Mai tossed the coin several times just now, and in the end, it was all heads up. It couldn’t be a coincidence, right? So he felt something was wrong again in his heart.

So, he tentatively asked Dan: “Uncle Mai, what is the birth of a dragon? Why do you sound so mysterious?”

Dan was shivering a bit, and he said falteringly: “If you look at this hexagram, the birth of the Dragon means that in your fate, there is a great figure with the fate of the Dragon.. ….”

Chengfeng frowned, “Then is this big man an enemy or a friend to me?”

Dan said seriously: “At present, the possibility of being an enemy is far greater than a friend!”

“How is it possible?” Chengfeng blurted out, “But I haven’t provoked any powerful people recently. Why is there such an enemy suddenly?”

Dan shook his head and said, “I can’t see this anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m not good enough, or my power is not enough. I can’t see through the rest.”

After speaking, Dan said again: “But from the perspective of this hexagram, it is really bad for you. It is very likely that all the problems you have encountered recently originated from this!”

Chengfeng still didn’t quite believe it. He pointed to the copper coin in Dan’s hand and asked, “Does it mean that the so-called dragon came into the world as long as the coin is upright?”


Chengfeng asked again: “Can the hexagram go wrong?”

Dan said earnestly: “This is the case with the hexagram image, and it can’t be wrong.”

Chengfeng didn’t give up, and said, “Uncle Mai, can I trouble you to toss the coin a few more times. If the word is down, does it mean that the trouble has gone away or disappeared?”

Dan sighed and said, “I toss it a few times, and the result is the same.”

After speaking, he grabbed the Tianju Tongbao and threw it upward again.

Everyone stared at the coin, but the coin still had its head up.

Chengfeng gritted his teeth: “Thank you Uncle Mai for trying again!”

Dan did not speak, picked up the copper coin and threw it out again.

This time, the result is still head up.

Dan sighed, “Chengfeng, this is fate, and the hexagram is a form of expression of fate. It just displays your fate truthfully. If you want to change the fate, you must solve the problem fundamentally, absolutely not. It can be solved by tossing more copper coins.”

Chengfeng was already sweating coldly.

He couldn’t help muttering: “It’s fcuking wicked! This is obviously a 50-50 probability. How can it be all heads up five times in a row?”

As he said, a fierceness flashed in his eyes, rushed to grab the Tianju Tongbao, and then threw it forward.

This time, the copper coin was spinning on the ground for a long time. When it finally stopped, Chengfeng said excitedly: “The word is head down! This time it is the word head down!”

Dan shook his head helplessly and said, “I started the hexagram. Only what I throw is counted. You throw it is meaningless.”

With that said, he picked up the copper coin again and threw it away.

The copper coin is still heading up!

Chengfeng felt a little hairy in his heart.

He looked at Dan and asked, “Uncle Mai, how much influence will this so-called dragon’s coming into the world have on me?!”