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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2563 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2563 Start

The words of Dan made Chengfeng and Zynn stunned!

In fact, they didn’t have much faith.

Mr. Su doesn’t believe in gods, immortals, karma, or feng shui.

There is only one he believes in, and that is strength.

However, the Su family has frequently encountered various troubles recently, which made him feel that it might be retribution.

But listening to Dan’s analysis, it seems that it has nothing to do with retribution.

Therefore, Chengfeng couldn’t help asking: “Uncle Mai, I want to ask more specifically, what on earth is the Su family’s recent encounters with various problems?

Dan did not speak but beckoned to his great-grandson, Mike.

Mike immediately walked forward and handed a compass to Dan, and handed several dice made of animal bone joints and a few old mottled copper coins to Dan.

Dan stood up and paced back and forth in the living room. Chengfeng and Zynn hurriedly followed by their side, watching his every move nervously, but did not dare to interrupt them.

Dan looked for a moment, pointed to the Bogu shelf used to partition the space on the side of the hall, and said, “Mike, remove this shelf!”

Mike immediately stepped forward and reached out and moved the Bogu frame made of solid wood to the side.

Dan placed the compass on the ground where the Bogu shelf was originally located and then re-adjusted the compass’s direction according to the scale and position on the compass.

Afterward, he opened his mouth and said: “Chengfeng, tell me about your birth date!”

“I…” Chengfeng said awkwardly, “I don’t know…”

“Then say the year, month, day, and the approximate time of birth!”

Chengfeng recalled for a moment and reported his birth date to Dan.

Dan pinched his fingers for a moment and said lightly: “From the perspective of the birth date, your life is generally relatively smooth, but the birth date alone is not exhaustive. After all, there are so many people in the world, and people with the same birth date There are many people, this can only guess a general direction.”

Chengfeng hurriedly asked: “Uncle Mai, how can I be more detailed?”

Dan said seriously: “I just said that in the Yijing gossip, everything in the world follows a set of invisible and intangible rules. There are many factors that affect this rule. One, in addition, there are your own bones, the feng shui of your Su family’s good house and evil house, and even the eight characters of your spouse and children.

Chengfeng asked puzzledly: “I think many Feng Shui masters just use a compass to calculate. Why is it so troublesome to come to you?”

Dan was not angry, and said lightly: “Most people’s fate and fate are constantly changing. That’s why some people are too hard to eat in the first half of their lives, but in the second half of their lives, there is a clap of thunder and sudden riches, this is because his fate has changed. It may be that he married a wife of Vanves, and it may be that he gave birth to a son whose birthday character can bring him great fortune. These are unpredictable by ordinary people. .”

“It’s like real estate. You develop a residential area in a certain area of ​​a city. The market price of this building is 50,000, but if suddenly one day, the subway is open, the price may rise to six. Suddenly one day, a well-known school set up a campus nearby, and the price may rise to 70,000; if other huge favorable policies can be met, the housing price can even breakthrough 100,000 and higher all the way, and put it on people The subway may correspond to a good wife, and a well-known school may correspond to a good son. This is a good direction.”

Chengfeng hurriedly asked, “What about the bad direction?”

Dan said: “Bad directions are more possibilities. Similarly, taking real estate as an example, you may also repeat the mistakes of many so-called ghost towns.”

“Originally, you thought that the city was very developed and you tried to build a lot of real estates, but then, it is possible that local resources will begin to dry up, the local economy will be frustrated, and house prices will fall; it may also be that local resources are affected by the market and their prices continuously decline, this has caused companies to go bankrupt and house prices fall; it may even be due to the emergence of other competitors that the entire city’s industries have suffered a blow.”