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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2561 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2561 Start

Chengfeng respectfully invited Dan Mai to sit on the sofa. After sitting down, he sighed and said in pain, “Hey! Uncle Mai, you must help me this time!”

Dan nodded and said seriously: “Since I have come here, I will naturally do my best, so you must tell me everything exactly.”

Chengfeng replied and sighed: “After all, I am to blame for being confused and making some unreasonable decisions…”

With that said, Chengfeng told Zhifei and Zhiyu brothers and sisters to go to Japan to be kidnapped, then Ruoli killed the Matsumoto family, and then he betrayed Ruoli and assassinated Liona. It was probably related to Dan he Narrated again.

After speaking, he asked with a worried look: “Uncle Mai, do you think I am being retributed?”

Dan waved his hand and said seriously: “Chengfeng, you are my worldly nephew, so I won’t follow you with that tricky stuff. Remember, in this world, no matter from the perspective of Feng Shui From a scientific point of view, there is no such thing as retribution at all.”

Chengfeng asked in surprise, “Why? The Taoist law you believe in is not about rebirth and retribution?”

Dan shook his head and said, “What you are talking about is Buddhism. Moreover, our Fengshui metaphysics is not in the same line as Taoism. We are the Book of Changes and Eight Diagrams, Qimen Dunjia.”

Chengfeng hurriedly asked: “Then you just said that there is no karma, is this true?”

Dan smiled and said, “In my opinion, it’s natural, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it. I will sort out our perspectives in Feng Shui metaphysics for you, just like a discussion.”

Chengfeng hurriedly said, “Please tell me.”

Dan paused slightly and said, “I ask you, according to the saying of karma, those who do evil must be punished severely, and those who do good will be rewarded, right?”

Chengfeng nodded, “According to it, it is true.”

Dan asked, “Then I ask you, some babies die right after they are born. They have only just begun in this life. There is no evil and no good. Why don’t they even have a chance for healthy growth?”

Chengfeng looked embarrassed: “This…I…I can’t say…”

Dan nodded and asked, “Then I will ask you again, why do some people have ill-fated destinies all their lives?”

With that, Dan sighed in a melancholy manner and said slowly: “When I was young, it happened during the Central Plains war. Father moved the family from Central Plains to Eastcliff to escape the war.”

“At that time, my family lived in Mao’er, and there was a woman next door who ate and recite Buddha every day, remembering the way of doing good.”

“Her husband died young, and she took pains to pull the three sons to grow up and let them start a family, but when she was old, none of the three sons provided for the elderly.”

“The three daughters-in-laws were fighting for the family property, beating and scolding in turn, and even every time they came, they deliberately snatched her little rations, and even the water tank had to be smashed before they were satisfied, just hoping that she would die sooner. So as to occupy that old house.”

“Although the three sons didn’t want to do anything to her, they are always ridiculing when they come over. Even when someone next door is in a funeral, they point to her nose and curse at her why she can’t be the same as the neighbor’s old man, get acquainted and die soon.”

“Not only did the old woman not have enough to eat or dress warmly, but she also washed her face with tears all day long. Although she didn’t cry and blind her eyes, her eyesight also deteriorated. In addition, she couldn’t light the lamp oil. Every time the sun went down, she would not reach out her fingers. , Life was suffering.”

“But she didn’t expect any son’s conscience to discover, and eventually froze to death on that extremely cold winter day in Eastcliff!”