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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 256 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 256 Start

In that case, when the villa Solmon White gave to Charlie is finished, how can one have the chance to live in?

When she thought of this, she suddenly gave in.

So, she could only sigh and say: “Okay, Mom supports you in starting your business, and I won’t mention the Willson Group. Is this all right?”

Claire was satisfied then, nodded and said, “Then we won’t move out.”

Seeing Claire’s passiveness into activeness, Charlie couldn’t help giving her a thumbs up.

The wife really has some abilities, she can’t see it at ordinary times, but she is very effective at critical moments.

The Old Master, Jacob, has not spoken, but seeing his daughter rarely lose her temper, he feels a little frustrated, so he hurriedly came out and said: “Look at your mothers, what was the argument just now? Like now, the family is in harmony. Is it alright?”

Elaine glared at him and said, “I don’t hear you bullsh*t just now, and now you are talking about it again! Charlie can live in a villa no matter how wasteful he is, how about you? You know how to play with strange things all day long. It’s weird and tattered, the most useless thing in this family is you!”

“Hey!” Jacob became anxious when he heard his wife put the fire on him, and said immediately: “I tell you Elaine, don’t despise me, I am amazing now! Last time I dumped medicinal materials and made hundreds of thousands you forgot about it?”

Elaine said disdainfully: “You will be taken away, I think you will be arrested for fraud sooner or later, don’t expect me to spend money to rescue you!”

“You b*tch!” Jacob said angrily, “Don’t look down on people, okay? I’m dealing with antiques, that’s talented!”

As he said, he rushed into the room, took out a pen holder, and said with a arrogant expression: “Look, the good things I collected during the day, I will let you see and know! Just this thing will cost hundreds of thousands!”

Elaine said disdainfully: “It’s just you? Why don’t you go and live there? You don’t have to pee to see your own virtues, it’s not enough for people to see.”

Jacob stomped angrily: “You girl, don’t look down on people if you don’t understand! This pen holder is from the Qing Dynasty. I spent five thousand to pick up theis thing. I have sent the photo to Ervin Jones, who is a cultural relic, to see. He is willing to pay three hundred thousand.”

Charlie glanced at Jacob’s pen holder and was surprised.

If it is really a pen holder left over from the Qing Dynasty, it might be worth hundreds of thousands. However, you can tell at a glance that Jacob’s pen holder is something from the Qing Dynasty. It is obvious that it is made of modern craftsmanship. It is worth a hundreds at most.

Jacob bought this pen holder for five thousand, which clearly makes people foolish.

He couldn’t help wondering. The Old Master doesn’t understand sh!t, and it’s normal to be deceived, but Ervin Jones is a ghostly antique dealer. You sell him a hundred thousand worth of things. He can’t wait to spend only one hundred for it. He doesn’t. You may not be able to tell that this pen holder is a fake, so why are you willing to spend 300,000 on this?