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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2559 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2559 Start

When Regnar received Anson’s notice, he was extremely excited.

The problem with his younger son Wu Qi has always made him very worried, but he knew very well that Charlie would not be able to cure his younger son in a short while, and now the Su family invited a master of Feng Shui metaphysics, he naturally looked forward to this The master can help him resolve this knot.

So he immediately said to Anson, “Thank you, butler Su, for telling me that. I will bring my son over here! Let Master Mai take a look for the at him!”

When Anson heard this, he hurriedly said, “Don’t don’t don’t don’t! Doesn’t your son ask for something every hour? If this is for Mr. Mai to watch, I don’t know what Mr. Mai will do. What do you think, you’d better come by yourself first, and after you come, introduce your youngest son’s situation to Mr. Mai in detail, and let Mr. Mai be mentally prepared first.”

Regnar suddenly felt hot on his face.

He only thought of a chance to heal his youngest son, but he ignored how much the youngest son is now being rejected.

So he had no choice but to respectfully say: “Thank you for the reminder, butler Su, then I will come by myself first!”

When Regnar set off for the lakeside villa of Chengfeng, Issac received a report from his subordinates that the presidential suite, which was vacant for half of the year, was booked by the Japanese Ito family!

Moreover, the list of residents sent by the Ito family actually included Ito Takehiko’s name!

Issac was surprised and immediately called Charlie to report.

Charlie was also quite shocked by this.

In the list sent to him by Issac, he saw not only Ito Takehiko’s name, but also Ito Takehiko’s sister Ito Emi, and Ito Takehiko’s subordinate, Koichi Tanaka.

Charlie wondered, he didn’t understand why Ito Takehiko suddenly came to Aurous Hill, and also took Tanaka Koichi.

You know, both of them have undergone amputation, and now they are both disabled with no legs.

Charlie didn’t have any thoughts of despising the disabled or discriminating against the disabled. He just didn’t understand why these two people were already in this situation, and they came all the way to Aurous Hill.

Thinking about it again, Warnia said at the beginning that Nanako would also come to Aurous Hill to enjoy Sara’s concert. In that case, it is estimated that Nanako will also be here this time.

The reason why he can’t see Nanako’s name on the hotel’s occupant list is that Nanako plans to live in Warnia’s house this time.

But Charlie was also a little surprised, wondering why Nanako came to Aurous Hill, why didn’t she say hello to him in advance.

On the other side, Regnar hurried to the lakeside villa of the Su family.

After arriving, he did not see Chengfeng and Zynn, but the butler Anson received him.

Anson arranged him in a lounge and warned him: “Mr. Mai will be there in a while. You will wait here first. He left this room without authorization. Just sit here and wait for my message. You understand. ?”

Regnar was a little unhappy with Anson’s superior, pretentious attitude.

After all, Anson is not the Su family, he is just a dog of Old Su’s.

Moreover, it is rumored that this person was not originally named Su, but his real name is said to be Dong Anson. After staying in the Su family for a long time, he licked his face and went to see Mr. Su, asking Mr. Su to give him a surname.

Throughout the ages, only the emperor of that year would give his ministers and military generals surnames. I have never heard of any wealthy family that gave surnames to their subordinates, let alone any subordinates who asked their masters to give them surnames. , Anson is the first time, so he is also rejected by outsiders.

But Anson himself didn’t care. What he really wanted to do was to become the confidant of Old Su and make Old Su absolutely trust him. As long as he could make his future bright, his surname didn’t really matter.

Although Regnar looked down on Anson by 10,000 people, he didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction in front of Anson. He could only say respectfully: “Don’t worry, butler, I’ll just wait here honestly.”

Anson nodded in satisfaction, and dropped word: “Wait.”

After speaking, he turned and left the lounge.