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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2558 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2558 Start

Kawan said in detail: “Miss, the Su family had their shipping license revoked because they had a catastrophe in China. Now they have a large number of transport ships that can only be anchored at ports. They cannot make profits. It means that they set up a joint venture company with us, and then put all the ships under the name of the joint venture company. We don’t need anything, we just need to get a qualification in Japan, and they will operate the rest. They can give us 20% of the profit.”

Nanako couldn’t help but said in surprise: “Is the Su family so generous if it directly divides the 20% profit?”

Kawan said: “Mr. Zynn really said that, and also said that in terms of specific proportions, there is still some room for discussion. I personally feel that even if it is 30%, the Su family will not have any opinions.”

Nanako was silent for a moment and then said, “Kaana, don’t reply to him about this matter. I always feel that the Su family really lacks a basic moral limit to do things. If it is not the last resort, it is better not to cooperate with this kind of family.”

“Okay!” Kawan did not persuade much, and immediately replied, “Then I will let him dry first.”

After hanging up the phone, Ito Takehiko on the side asked, “What? The Su family came to work with us?”

“Yes, father.” As soon as Nanako came to talk about business, she became like a subordinate in front of Ito Takehiko, and said respectfully, “The Su family’s shipping license has been revoked, so they now want to talk to us. Cooperation requires a solution.”

After speaking, she gave a brief introduction to the conditions offered by the Su family.

Emi Ito, who was sitting in the co-pilot, exclaimed: “If the Su family can really give up 30% of the profits, it will definitely be a huge additional income for us!”

Takehiko Ito shook his head and said lightly: “The essence of the Su family is an extremely selfish family. In their logic, only he makes other people’s money, and no one else makes his money. At this time, they are willing to make money. Taking out such a large profit can only prove that the problems they are facing are very serious. Once we help them tide over the difficulties, they will definitely turn their attention to the part of the profit that is transferred to us. Then they will definitely think to Do whatever it takes to get the money back with interest.”

“Yes.” Nanako nodded in agreement, “My father and I have the same opinion. For a family like the Su family, we must stay away!”


After half an hour.

A Gulfstream G650 aircraft took off from Tokyo Narita Airport.

Nanako took the opportunity to go to Aurous Hill with her father and aunt.

At the same time, Chengfeng stood on the terrace of the lakeside villa, overlooking the calm lake, with a cold expression.

He looked at Zynn beside him and asked in a cold voice, “Why, the Ito family hasn’t responded yet?”

“Not yet.” Zynn answered truthfully, “I contacted Nanako’s assistant. She said that she would feed back the situation to Nanako. Maybe Nanako needs to think about it again.”

Chengfeng shook his head: “There is nothing to consider about this kind of thing. If Nanako is really interested, of course, she will contact us immediately to discuss the details of the follow-up cooperation. If she is not interested, naturally it will be just like now. Do not respond again.”

Zynn said hurriedly, “Or maybe they just wanted to hang us on purpose, and then take the opportunity to speak to our lion?”

“Impossible.” Chengfeng said coldly: “Even if you want to get caught, you will at least accept it on the surface, first establish a smooth communication channel between each other, like this one who doesn’t respond directly to it. , The probability is that the other party is not interested at all.”

As he was talking, the butler Anson walked over and whispered: “Master, Mr. Mai’s plane will arrive in Suhang in one hour.”

“Oh?” Chengfeng suddenly beamed his eyebrows and blurted out: “Quickly, tell the kitchen, press the prepared menu, and immediately set up a banquet for Mr. Mai to pick up the dust, and also notify Regnar to come over!”