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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2553 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2553 Start

“The Ito family?”

When Chengfeng heard these four words, he immediately cursed coldly: “Damn, Ito Takehiko, that dog thing, is not on the road at all. When we first chose between him and the Takahashi family, he was like a licking dog, he fawned on us all day long; now the Takahashi and Matsumoto clan are finished, he is so powerful, and now he is really unreasonable!”

Ocean transportation is one of the most profitable industries at the moment. If a large container ship runs on European and American routes with a full load, a container freight of 20,000 to 30,000, a single trip can earn at least tens of millions in freight.

The Su family has the largest transportation fleet in China. As long as these ships run, they can create extremely high profits. They are definitely the core and most important source of revenue for the Su family.

However, now that none of these ships can get route approval due to their license being revoked.

Without approval, these ships can only be docked at the port, not only can not make a penny back but also incur a lot of money for maintenance every day.

In addition, although the entire shipping company’s transportation and support team have nothing to do, the Su family absolutely dare not lay off staff and can only continue to spend money to support it.

Therefore, Chengfeng felt very anxious about this, and said in a deep voice, “Hey, I blame it. The impact of this incident is really bad. I don’t know when it will pass. It is very likely that we will not have a chance to get it back before things turn around.!”

Zynn thought for a moment, and said, “Dad, or else I will go to Japan again and have a chat with Takehiko! If he is willing to cooperate with us, we will use a shell company to work with him. Let’s register a new company, then takes the Japanese license and temporarily change all of our ships to that Japanese company name, so that we can solve the urgent need.”

Chengfeng nodded, sighed, and said, “The method is indeed a good way, but I don’t know what attitude Takehiko will have. This guy definitely thinks that the Ito family has a unique opportunity now and may not be able to agree to cooperate with us.”

Zynn said: “The Ito family has been held by Takehiko’s daughter for some time recently. Nanako Ito is at the helm. Although this girl is young, her style of doing things is still very radical. In a very short time. , She has integrated Japan’s shipping resources, and her overall strength has improved rapidly.”

Chengfeng frowned, “Nanako, is she Takehiko’s only daughter?”

“Yes.” Zynn said, “She is now the heir and helm of the Ito family.”

Chengfeng sighed thoughtfully, “Ito Yuuhiko and Philip Gu, how come these two have only given birth to one daughter? Wouldn’t it mean that others will be freed up for nothing?”

Zynn shrugged his shoulders: “Who knows what they think, and the big entrepreneurs who only have one daughter are more than the two of them.”?

Chengfeng sighed, “Hey! Looking at it this way, Nanako’s price-performance ratio is much better than Sara’s!”

As he said, he couldn’t help but figure it out, and said, “Look, the Ito family has now seized the unique opportunity, and its strength has skyrocketed. Not only is it the first family in Japan, but it also leaves the second and third places far behind. In the back of my head, the Gu family is indeed a little less interesting in comparison, and Sara has not yet taken over the family. The real strength in her hands is much worse than that of Nanako.”

“That’s true.” Zynn nodded in agreement, and said: “This Nanako has always had the title of Yamato Nadeshiko. Now the Japanese media simply call her “the richest woman in Japan in the future”. There are probably many men who want to marry her. !”

Chengfeng asked tentatively, “Hey, you said, can you give it a try?”

Zynn said hurriedly, “Dad, don’t you agree that Zhifei pursues Sara?”

Chengfeng said very seriously: “But now it seems that Sara is far less cost-effective than Nanako!”