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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2549 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2549 Start

Video about the Su scandal has been constantly fermenting on the Internet.

While the Su family’s reputation is notorious on the street, the Su Group has not given any official explanation.

The enthusiastic netizens came to Su Group’s official website and the official Weibo to denounce it, making the Su Group’s public relations team helpless.

When Liona and Zhiyu the mother and daughter were still missing in the eyes of the outside world, the Su Group announced in a high profile that Zynn would temporarily take over as the acting chairman of the Su Group.

This is also equivalent to officially announcing the return of Zynn to the public.

Interestingly, the return of Zynn has aroused the sympathy of many people.

Many people think that master Zynn is too miserable.

His illegitimate daughter was sold by his father, and he himself was sent to Australia by him.

This was unlucky enough, but his father still didn’t want to let him go, and gave him a big black pot of “betraying his daughter”.

Worse still, when he was alone with all the infamy, his father murdered his eldest daughter and his wife.

Now, his eldest daughter and wife are still missing, and he has only one son left.

In the eyes of netizens, in the world, there may not be a second person as miserable as him.

Therefore, he suddenly came back to preside over the Su family, and to a certain extent, aroused the sympathy of the public and made the public’s impression of the Su Group a little better.

But Chengfeng was even more uncomfortable.

Because he knows that the more Zynn can make the public feel compassionate, the less likely he is to step onto the stage and take charge of the Su family again.

But he has no good solution now, he can only go through the difficulties before speaking.

Zynn cares about Zhiyu, so after he was promoted to acting chairman, he immediately invested a lot of manpower and material resources to find the whereabouts of the mother and daughter in Aurous Hill and surrounding areas.

To this end, he even offered a cash reward of more than 100 million.

Many private detectives and bounty hunters flocked to Aurous Hill in order to earn this huge reward.

Unfortunately, no one can find the slightest clue about the mother and daughter.

Charlie didn’t go to Shangri-La for two consecutive days. Zhiyu, who was confined here, had become more impatient. She was not dissatisfied with the state of being confined but was always looking forward to the figure of the benefactor.

With the warming of these two kinds of weather, the famous singer Sara’s concert is getting closer.

This concert is her first concert this year.

Therefore, both she and her agency paid great attention to this concert.

Not to mention Sara herself. As planned, her first concert this year was on the 20th of the first month of the lunar calendar, and her first concert was held in Eastcliff.

However, because of the reunion with Charlie, it happened to be Charlie’s birthday on February 2 of the lunar calendar, so she deliberately changed the concert from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill and postponed it to the second day of February of the lunar calendar.

In fact, for Sara, this concert was performed for Charlie alone.