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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2547 Free Novel

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In fact, Chengfeng himself is not very faithful.

His long-dead old father believed in Feng Shui fate, but he didn’t buy it.

Chengfeng’s acting style is very harsh, so he always believes that man can conquer the sky. When he is young, he will act vigorously and resolutely when he is young.

However, Chengfeng now has more or less murmurs in his heart.

It’s a damn reciting words, if it’s a coincidence, it’s really a bit unreasonable. How can such bad luck and bad things happen to him?

If it is not a coincidence, it is estimated that something happened in the fortune, otherwise, it should not be unlucky.

Therefore, he wanted to take this opportunity to let the authoritative Feng Shui take a look.

Mr. Mai, whom he asked Zynn to contact, followed his father and fled to the United States from Eastcliff in early 37.

At the time, the five great feng shui families in China were the Lai family, the Zeng family, the Liao family, the Yang family, and the Mai family.

These five people, without exception, have all settled overseas.

The old generation of the Mai family had a good personal relationship with Chengfeng’s father, so when Chengfeng’s father was alive, he often asked them to come back and give advice.

However, since the death of his father, Chengfeng has not been interested in this aspect, so he drifted away from them.

But having said that, although there hasn’t been any contact in recent years, the foundation of the relationship between the two families is still there.

Regnar is also not very faithful.

However, he is now holding the attitude of trying and not asking for money, and he has accomplished it. If he fails, he has no loss.

It is precisely with this feeling of having a source of both ends, Regnar’s psychological pressure is suddenly relieved a lot.

Coupled with Chengfeng’s very polite attitude, Regnar really felt at home.

After dinner, Chengfeng asked Zynn to send the father and son out. On the way back, Regnar still had a smug smile on his face.

In any case, it is a good thing to be able to establish contact with a top-notch family like the Su family. It may indeed open up a little commercial cooperation. As long as the Su family gives some resources at hand, the Wu family will be able to improve.

Roger saw his father’s excitement, but he felt a little unhappy.

Ten thousand in his heart didn’t want his brother Wu Qi to heal, because once his brother healed, he would rob him of property.

Chengfeng suddenly threw such an olive branch, which made him feel very angry.

But he didn’t dare to show his feelings in front of his father, so he could only ask: “Dad, the Su family wants to help us find a Feng Shui master, do you want to report to Charlie?”

Regnar said without hesitation: “Of course this kind of thing can’t be reported, otherwise, if Charlie makes a little action behind his back, wouldn’t your brother have no chance of healing?”

Roger said with some worry: “But the task that Charlie assigned us is to be his dual spy! If we deliberately conceal the clues and don’t tell him, will he not blame us if he knows? “