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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2545 Free Novel

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Hearing Chengfeng’s question, Charlie’s image reappeared in Regnar’s mind. He couldn’t help feeling a deep cold deep in his heart. Then he replied: “Mr. Su, let me tell you, about my son. I also suspected that it might be man-made, but after investigating a lot, no relevant clues were found, so the possibility of a natural cause may be greater, or the children himself stimulated something beyond our comprehension.

Chengfeng asked him, “Have you ever asked your son what unusual memories or impressions he had before and after the incident?”

Regnar said truthfully: “I asked him about this, but he told me that there was a memory gap before the incident, and he couldn’t remember it at all.”

Chengfeng nodded thoughtfully, and said in a deep voice, “If this is the case, then I guess it is more likely to have mental nature!”

Regnar pretended to be shocked and asked, “Mr. Su, do you mean someone deliberately harmed my son?”

“Yes!” Chengfeng said seriously: “Generally speaking, even if someone has a mental problem, they don’t have such a strange behavior as your son.”

After speaking, he asked again: “And I heard that your son’s condition seems to occur every hour, right?”

Regnar said awkwardly, “Yes, it is true.”

Chengfeng hummed, and said solemnly, “Then this is even more problematic! Normally, even if a person has intermittent psychosis, intermittent epilepsy, or even intermittent convulsions, this is relatively random. There are absolutely no rules at all, so some people will fall asleep, suddenly get up and sleepwalk, or suddenly have a goat’s seizure and convulsions, but when you’ve heard of someone, it’s like this every hour frequency? This is obviously not right!”

Regnar said, “Of course I knew something was wrong, and I also knew that all this was done by that bastard Charlie! But what can I do? Our eight heavenly kings were all taken care of by him. If I still confront him, maybe I will be like my son someday, becoming a hapless guy who eats that thing every hour…”

Thinking of this, he was depressed, and on the surface, he pretended to be extremely shocked and asked: “Mr. Su…do you think anyone has such an ability to make my son suffer from this disease?”

Chengfeng said: “There are too many possibilities for this kind of thing. Whether it is the mystery of Feng Shui in our country or the puppets in Southeast Asia, there are methods that cannot be explained by science. I think you should find a metaphysical master for your son. If your son takes a good look, he may be able to see where the problem is!”

“Master of Metaphysics?!” Regnar said earnestly, “To be honest, our family really doesn’t know any master of metaphysics, but I have heard that some people in Hong Kong seem to be engaged in Feng Shui metaphysics. I don’t know if there are any experts there. “

Chengfeng said: “Hong Kong has probably the most developed metaphysics in the three regions of the Taiwan Strait, but if you want to really talk about the top metaphysics masters, you still have to go to the United States to find them.

“America?!” Regnar was even more surprised, and asked, “Mr. Su, I don’t quite understand. Isn’t Feng Shui metaphysics the thing of our Chinese ancestors? Why do the top academic masters look at America?”

Chengfeng smiled indifferently and said earnestly: “As long as the masters of metaphysics are very powerful, they are basically from their ancestors for several generations, even dozens of generations, who have been studying metaphysics assiduously. In times of turbulence, some really capable older generations of metaphysical masters will figure out clues in advance and then avoid them in advance.”