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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2543 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2543 Start

Issac’s words made Charlie hesitate slightly.

Whether he wants to meet Zhiyu and Liona, he hasn’t decided yet.

The main reason is that he doesn’t want to understand what mentality he should use to face an enemy’s daughter and a woman who has loved his father for many years.

But he knew it in his heart.

Things have reached the point where they are today. Sooner or later, he has to meet the mother and daughter.

Therefore, he has not yet determined whether it is the right time to meet them right now.

At this time, Issac saw Charlie’s hesitation, and hurriedly persuaded him: “Master, to be honest, since you will see them sooner or later, it is better to see them earlier.”

As he said, he said again: “Look, now Miss Su’s status is almost equal to house arrest here. If you don’t meet her, I am afraid she will be uncomfortable. This is also torture for her. It’s better to meet her and let her feel at ease so that she can continue to stay here without causing any trouble.”

Charlie said indifferently, “I definitely want to see her, but it’s not the time yet.”

Issac asked hurriedly, “Master, are you waiting for an opportunity?”

“Opportunity?” Charlie shook his head: “I’m waiting for Zynn Su.”

Issac exclaimed, “Master, you…you want to wait for Zynn?”

“Yes.” Charlie said coldly, “I’ll wait for him to come to Aurous Hill. If he doesn’t come, I will personally “please” him over!”

“The day Zynn comes to Aurous Hill, I would naturally take him to meet Zhiyu and Liona!”

Speaking of this, Charlie stood up and said blankly, “After he comes here, I will personally take him to my parents’ grave and bow down!”

“If he is not directly related to the death of my parents, let him give my parents a kowtow;”

“If he is directly related to the death of my parents, I will let him pay for his life at my parents’ grave!”


At 6:30 in the evening, Regnar Wu drove to Su’s manor.

He also came with his eldest son Roger.

The father and son arrived in the manor in their car, and the housekeeper Anson personally greeted them. As soon as they met, he said politely: “Mr. Wu, Master Wu, our master is already waiting in the banquet hall, please come with me.”

Regnar couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

He didn’t come to have dinner with Chengfeng this time. He came to Chengfeng as an undercover agent at Charlie’s request.

Charlie is a person 10,000 people can’t afford to offend him, not to mention Charlie’s background, his ability alone is far from what he dares to offend.

Killing the eight heavenly kings of the Wu family by one person really annoyed him, maybe he could kill all the Wu family by himself.

However, Chengfeng here can’t afford to offend him at all.

Who is Chengfeng? The person in charge of the first family in the country is simply the strongest person in the financial field, and if he provokes him, he may not end well.

Therefore, Regnar was nervous and afraid in his heart.

However, he was also very clear in his heart that, no matter what, he must act as one who couldn’t offend Charlie the most.

Since Charlie asked him to be an undercover agent, he could only bite the bullet.