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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 253 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 253 Start

That night, after Warnia sent Charlie home, she returned to the Song family villa.

The Song family father did not follow Charlie’s instructions to take a rest but was sitting in the hall, listening to Warnia’s father and her uncles to report the family situation.

Seeing her back, Mr. Song hurriedly waved his hand and said: “Warnia, I have been waiting for you.”

“Grandpa!” Warnia screamed respectfully, and asked, “I wonder what grandpa would like to give me?”

Mr. Song said, “You invited Mr. Wade here. What is the situation of Mr. Wade? Please tell me about it. I want a detailed account.”

“Yes, grandpa!”

Warnia hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade and I met by chance in Jiqingtang, when Mr. Wade was with his father-in-law.”

“Father-in-law?” Old Son Song frowned, “Mr. Wade is already married?”

“Yes.” Warnia nodded quickly. “

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity!” Mr. Song shook his head and sighed, “It’s really a pity!”

Honor hurriedly said: “Grandpa, don’t worry, I have inquired about this Mr. Wade. He seems to be a live-in son-in-law recruited by a not very influential small family.”

“Small family?” Old Son Song was even more puzzled: “Which little family can find such a son-in-law?”

Honor said with a smile: “Willson family, you probably haven’t heard of Grandpa.”

“I have never heard of it.”

Grandpa Song frowned and said, “Since it’s a small family, it won’t get in the way. We still have hope.”

After speaking, he looked at Warnia and said: “Warnia, you go on.”

So Warnia continued: “At that time in Jiqingtang, Mr. Wade’s father-in-law accidentally overturned one of our antique vases, and then Mr. Wade repaired it with lost craftsmanship. Not only did he repair the vase, but also doubled its value. At that time, I paid more attention to Mr. Wade.”

Immediately afterward, Warnia recounted the whole process of knowing Charlie.

When she said that Charlie had smashed Hong Kong metaphysics master in Aurous Hill to death at the White family’s metaphysics conference, everyone sitting was stunned!

Old Song murmured: “I have heard of this person a long time ago. It is said that he has an incomparable ability. Even if Li Ka-shing wants to sell him a bit of face, he was killed by Mr. Wade?”

“Yes!” Warnia said with a face full of admiration: “On the same day, that man was arrogant in front of Mr. Wade. Mr. Wade only said a word of thunder to the sky. Then, a thunder exploded out of thin air, killing that fake master instantly.”

“My God, what kind of supernatural power is this!” Old Master Song was shocked!

The other Song family members were also shocked.

Leading the sky to smash Master from Hong Kong metaphysics? This is too amazing, right?

Then Warnia said: “Later, another Feng Shui master from Hong Kong tried to deceive me. Thanks to Mr. Wade who saw through the other side, he helped me change the trapped dragon formation in Feng Shui!”

Warnia continued to talk about the magic of Charlie that day. After listening to Mr. Song, combined with the fact that he was rescued by Charlie today, the whole person was struck by lightning!

After sitting in the upper seat for a long time, he sighed and said, “This Willson family, this is a dragon son-in-law! This Charlie is an ordinary mortal, he is a real dragon in the sky!”

Honor said awkwardly: “Grandpa, this Charlie has a little skill, but it’s a bit too exaggerated to say what he is a real dragon?”

“Exaggeration?” Mr. Song said coldly: “You think that if you say a word of thunder to the sky, the sky will drop thunder and lightning. Isn’t this a great supernatural power? People with great supernatural powers, not to mention a real dragon, even a true god, That’s it!”

After speaking, he looked at Warnia and said seriously: “Warnia! Grandpa gives you a task!”